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Mines a blue bump!!!

First baby and it's a boy!!!! I was certain it was a girl...obviously my instincts were well off image

Still we know now so can start preparing image


  • Congratulations! I was keeping an eye out for your post since the other day!

    I have a litte boy, boys are great fun image
  • Congratulations - I have a ds and its wonderful - boys really love their mum's !!!
  • Yay, so 2 boys and a girl so far. Keep them coming! xx
  • Congratulations!!! And just to echo what ladywithalittleboy said, boys really do love their mummies, my son is the most amazing little person ever and a TOTAL mummies boy!!! X
  • congratulations.

    I can't wait to find out what we are having. I think it's a boy (not sure why?).
  • Congratulations - I was convinced that my first was a girl and was surprised when my gorgeous boy came out. As the others have said little boys are so loving though. x
  • The scan lady said the same - she could see the disappointment in my face when she initially told me it was a boy!! She had two boys and was convinced they were much more loving and that girls become independent much faster! I don't know why I wanted a girl so much looking back, maybe because my family is predominately girls or i wanted all the pretty headbands and stuff! Lol I'm happy now though ... He just needs a name :S
  • Ahh congratulations. My first was a boy and having grown up in an all female family I was convinced it would be a girl until the scan told me differently! He is the best though and now pregnant with my second I would be just as happy with another boy as with a girl. The only downside is that there is not as much choice with boys clothes as girls, but hey it saves a small fortune!! :lol:
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