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Baby moving a LOT more than normal


Just a quick question that hopefully someone can answer for me! My little man is moving around a lot more than normal- so much so I feel sick and don't feel like I should leave the house!

I'm due next Thursday but could this be something I should ring the midwife for or is it sign of distress!! Arghhhh

It's a lonely place maternity leave, I reckon its probably fine but sitting here In the house on my own, my mind is going wild!


  • I'd probably ring your midwife just to put your mind at rest, that's what they're there for. My baby is moving loads that it hurts but she's always done that and I think she's going to be a chunk! Let us know how you get on xx
  • I would ring your midwife to check, however, my dd did that just before I was due. Little bugger turned herself out of a good labour position into a back to back position. It felt like my whole midsection was about to burst open with an alien life form. My hubby even recorded the ripples because my tummy moved so much! x
  • Hi

    Sorry I am G/C from born in Nov 10/due in Nov 12(!) but just wanted to let you know that my little girl kicked me SO hard during the last 6 weeks that first of all I thought she might have been a boy and then secondly I thought she might be fitting but she wasn't either - turns out she was just a very active baby!

    Do call your midwife to put your mind at rest but mine moved so much that she even kept kicking the heart monitor off when I was being monitored when I was being induced at 2 weeks over due!
  • Our daughter was born two weeks ago - she moved like crazy until the minute before she was born. An active baby is almost always a sign of well-being, if the baby is not well it will not be very active.

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