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Where to put the car seat?

Hello ladies, hope your all well.

I was after your opinions please (again, sorry to mither!)

We're getting the isofix base put in the back of our 3 door corsa to make it a bit easier when we're getting the baby and seat out. But which side of the car do we put it? Is it just personal choice and if so which side would you recommend, or is there a law saying behind the drivers or passengers seat?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi. The guy at our local store told me it must go behind the passenger seat and he is usually very knowledgable, but double check this.
  • Not sure if there is an actual correct side but we always had our baby behind the passenger - I think it is supposed to be the safest place. You can then get a mirror you can position so the driver can see what the baby is doing.

    I am having a dilemma wondering whether to move my toddler from that place when the baby arrives or put baby behind me! Think we will end up moving my little boy.

  • The youngest has always sat behind the passenger seat so that you can adjust the rear view mirror to see what they are up to and its easier to lean over say if dummy falls out or you want to check they are not too hot etc.

    I'm going to need to swap my toddler over to the other side.....another change I don't think he is going to be happy about x x x
  • The safest place is apparently in the middle if you have proper seatbelts, as it cuts out risk of impact from the side. However, I know no one who has their carseat in the middle!! The most practical if you have just one is the passenger side as you can see them easier when you're driving and if you park by the side of the road you will be unloading baby on the the path rather than the road.

    We've moved our toddler over to the driver's side and baby will be on the passenger side. I don't think there's any law though, it would be completely impractical for anyone that has more than one child.
  • we have imogen behind my mum as she drives and then i can attend to imogen if needs be.

    so this baby will go behind me i guess.

    i really dont know if one side is better or safer?
  • We have put ours in the passenger side as then as someone else said it is always on the pavement side when you park the car image
  • Thanks everyone, passenger side it is for us!

  • I don't get this - now have one behind the drivers seat & one behind the passenger - is the one I have behind the driver therefore less safe?! Starting to sound like something from "Sophie's Choice"....

  • No more anecdotal advice:  Final verdict is rear center seat.  Simply put, it is the furthest seat from most of the angles your car is likely to be hit at in a crash.  Impact is the single biggest killer/injuring factor in a car crash (yes I know, genius).  So standoff distanct from the impacting object is the single most important factor outside of a secure restraint itself.  Can't sit them in the middle for whatever reason?  It doesn't matter which side they're on at that point.  Just don't seat them in the front.   

    From the ppl who keep stats on what kills people (the CDC):

    Place children in the middle of the back seat when possible, because it is the safest spot in the vehicle. They were quoting Committee on Injury, Violence, and Poison Prevention. Child passenger safety. Pediatrics. 2011;127(4):788-93.

    Though there was no statistically significant difference in risk injury between children seated behind either the driver or passenger seat, the researchers found that children in the rear center position had a 43% lower injury risk than children seated in either side position. What could explain this significant finding?

    It goes without saying that vehicle crashes usually impact the front, rear or side of a vehicle, so children who are seated on either side and are involved in a side-impact crash are more at risk of injury than those seated away from one of the sides (i.e. the center). In a side-impact collision, the researchers found that rear center-seated children were at a 54% decreased risk of injury. But, even in collisions where the impact was other than one of the sides, rear center-seated children were still at a statistically significant lower risk of injury.

    In general, the single safest place in the car is the center rear seat, because it is farthest from the outside of the vehicle. In any given crash, however, a different seat may be the safest, such as a left outboard seat in a right side impact. 



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