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Baby overdue by 3 days!!

Ahhhhh get this kid outta me! Overdue and very frustrated by it!!! I know it's normal but god I need him to get out of me! image


  • poor you, it wont be long now though image

  • Same here! Was due on 17th and as my ds was 2 days early we really had thought this little one would be well and truly here by now. Getting very fed up and not sure what to do with myself as don't want to wander too far as labour 1st time round was very quick!

    Hope you have some news soon xxx
  • Have a sweep at your next midwife appointment. Sweeps are very successful if you have started to dilate. I was already 2cm after suffering slow labour for a week before hand and it got things going brilliantly! xx
  • totally sympathize, I am 6 days overdue now!!!! and totally fed up!

    Had a sweep last Thurs at 40+1 was a good 2cm and effaced already and it has not worked, mw said there is only about a 50/50 chance it will work image

    Am going again this Thurs for another try if not induction is Mon at 10am but really dont want that!

    Am cramping all the time since 37 weeks so been stuck in slow labour for nearly 4 weeks!!
  • Magicmerlin- that really is rubbish!!! I've got a sweep booked Thursday!

    I think he's running outta room too cuz he's moving less - worries me a bit!

    My whole life is on hold - don't want to do anything or go anywhere in case it starts! Poor OH can't sleep either cuz he's nervous all night!

    Hope all your babies come soon girlies!!!
  • Have a sweep booked for Thursday too - must be the day for them!! image
  • am hoping the second one works as just about had enough now, wishing my induction was today and not monday!
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