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Help.....SNOT !

Hiya ladies

I need some advice Amber has a very bad cold and is full of snot(tmi).
I feel so helpless .
Is there anything i can buy ,didnt want to take her to docs just yet .
Thanks 4 ur advice
zoe xx


  • hi zoe, emily has spent the last 2 weeks like this. i got her saline nose drops for her snotty/stuffy nose and used olbas oil on her clothes, bed etc. once or twice she seemed really bad so i gave her some calpol which seemed to help but other than that i dont think you can use anything else. i got a couple of karvol plug ins as well for the bedroom and living room.also steam your bathroom with some olbas just before you bath her.

    its horrible when you cant help them, i was constantly trying to clear her nose with tissues.

    hope this helps and amber gets well soon.
    clare x
  • Hi Zoe,

    This may sound really gross, but trust me it works! You can buy these things that you put at the end of each nostril and suck out the snot from the baby's nose. It has a filter so you don;t get it in your mouth and you can also buy ones that you don;t suck but you squeeze this thing, but i don;t think it works as well.

    baby doesn't take too kindly to it but once their nose is cleared it really helps with eating and sleeping.


  • yeah they sell those 'suction thingies' in boots, they look like a mini-turkey baster.
  • cool am going to have a look 2moz,but it gets worse now my 4 year old has bronchitis and shes very very poorly so am hoping that Amber dosent get it now x
  • oh no! hope your little ones are okay
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