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Anyone started weaning yet?

Hi all

Toby is 20-weeks... we tried him on baby rice a few weeks ago and he was totally not ready. Tried this week and seems a bit more interested. Not going for it full on but may stick with baby rice every day.

How about yours and your reasons for doing it earlier than the "6 months" they recommend?

T has been very unsettled generally for about 7 weeks now. He's not taking masses of milk (FF) and is very unsettled at nights so it was to kind of rule out whether or not he wanted food.

Think now it might be silent reflux hence another reason we're trying baby rice!

Joo xxx


  • I have been wondering about this. I was determined to get to the six months (probably more to do with MIL telling me she did it at 4 months and didnt do hubby any harm) but for the last few nights my lo has been waking up a couple of times and crying and although he has settled again quite quickly I have read that this may be signs that he is ready to wean. Part of me can't wait but then part of me will miss him snuggling up. I am also randomly worried about him not liking any of the stuff I make as my cooking skills are not the best ( I know that purees are not masterchef but I can't help but worry that he will turn his nose up) :lol:
  • Hiya !!
    yes ive started weaning my Lo shes 19 weeks now ... ive started her properly just this week really.
    there was no real reason why i done it but because i kept thinking shall i shant i try i thought stuff it ill try her with some purees ...

    she was feeding every 2-3 hours for 5-10mins in the day and goes to bed at about 9pm and wakes at 7am .. i didnt notice her feeding more ? but just decided i wanted to start weaning off breastfeeding before i go back to work.

    Now this is our little routine.
    7am breasfeeds
    9am breakfast (fruit + yogurt)
    11am breastfeeds
    1pm lunch (a little bit of a banana mashed up)
    4 or 5pm breastfeeds
    7pm dinner
    9pm breastfeed
    .................... then starts all again the next day haha

    I found the Heinz packets really good , cause i find the baby jars dont last long as Morgan only has a few spoon fulls out of it and it only keeps for 2 days.. with the Heinz packets their powder and u just add water to the mixture (a bit like readybrek)

    Good luck !!!
  • hi i've started maddison on rusk mixed with her milk she's 17wks , my other daughter is 5 and she was eating plenty of solids at 4 months so wasn't really bothered bout this 6 month rubbish people have been weaning babies for years alot younger than that , only us mums will know when our babies are ready for food not the hv , maddi was showing a great interest in my food watching me eat , and shes took to eating really well she loves it ! i did try baby rice but she pulls a face at that so not keen at all on that lol rusk is sweeter i just give it to her for lunch at the moment then half her bottle after , thats the bit i'm finding hard when do u replace bottles with meals because she only has 5 bottles a day as she sleeps from 8 til 8 , think i'll just keep on what i'm doing for few more weeks then start intruducing some flavoured foods , shes a very happy contented baby whos only been sick 3 times since she's been born, its amazing lol i thought all babies were sick ! i'm not complaining at all though ! x
  • i was planning on holding off until october half term (im a teacher and back at work) ciara seems happy with just milk at the moment..although today while i was having lunch she was mimiking me chewing we'll see.
  • i tried bits and bobs as lola-mae hates baby rice but shes not too bothered so just has breakfast which she does like. i am thinking of waiting to wean properly and doing the baby led weaning it sounds quite good
  • I started my son when he was 16 weeks because both my dr and hv advised me too because he was suffering from really bad reflux bringing up so much milk and just grumpy all day everyday.

    He has lunch and dinner now, he has either a veg puree such as carrot and sweet potato or apple and pear and he is loving it and is completely a different baby and now sleeps through from 7-7.30. I

    I also don't really know when to replace the milk with a meal though. I always give him his bottle first them solids.
  • i tried my little T with it this week (18 weeks). i was going to leave it a few more weeks as i thought he wasn't ready (even though all my family were telling me to start at 4 months because that's what they did etc etc). My HV suggested last thursday that he might be ready in a week.
    Randomly on Monday, i wasn't planning to, I suddenly felt in the mood to try him with some baby rice. I'm so glad I did - i was so relaxed about it, and he lapped it all up! I had no idea about quantities etc but he'd have had more, I stopped him as i wanted him to have his bottle. He's been really fussy lately with his bottle (am mixed feeding now, trying to move onto bottles all the time now, of EBM or FF) and not having much at all. I've been worrying sooo much! But after his rice he actually had more milk than normal?! I wasn't sure if it somehow settled his stomach a bit more so he didn't gulp it down and get lots of wind etc. Today I tried carrot, he had some but then wanted his milk then did a huuuuge poo and wouldn't finish his bottle. Am not going to get too stressed about it, just try him with a bit of carrot, apple etc for the next few lunchtimes to see how we get on.

    What were your little T's symptoms of silent reflux? I was wondering about my little T as well you see...
  • i tried ciara with some baby rice today,m she wasnt too sure what to make of it...but she had a few tastes. going to try her withsome more tomorrow and just see how we go. (shes 22 weeks almost)
  • We started Theo on some baby rice once he reached 17 weeks. He was literally trying to bite our hands off if we were eating and getting very upset if he could see us eating - leaning out of his chair, staring at the food and grunting. It was kind of funny in amean way!!

    Anyway, likea couple of you, I did feel a bit resistant because my in-laws have been ON AT ME about it for ages - my BIL apparently was eating baby rice at 4 days! Anyway, I've since also given him pear, banana and pumpkin. Everything he's had - the first mouthful he's pulled faces at but then after a couple of spoons has gobbled up.

    I've just been giving it before his bottle at one feed per day. The advice my HV gave me after I told her I'd started some solids was it's fine, but stick to just rice, fruit & veg - very pureed and fairly liquid - no pips, stringy bits or lumps as it will be hard to digest. And also make sure he still gets the same amount of milk as at this stage he still needs all the nutrients etc from the milk and solids should be in addition to milk, not replacing it.

    Good luck &have fun with it - I find it highly entertaining watching his little face when I give him something new. Plus he loves trying to feed himself already - leans forward & grabs the spoon and then proceeds to smear it all over his face and gets a bit in his mouth! I am on standby trying to spoon as much into his mouth as I can with another spoon while he does his thing :lol:
  • We haven't started yet so can't really comment on the weaning as Joseph is not showing much sign of interest at the mo! But just wanted to say welcome back Moomin!! :\) We have missed you! x
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