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Colief Drops

Hello Mums

Have you tried Colief Drops for Colic yet?

Quinn's been on Infacol for pretty much his whole life (he's a month today!) but he seems to be getting trapped wind more and more and he's awake from 2am onwards. We're so lucky that we haven't got the crying of colic but we've got the rumbly tummy, red face etc and he just looks so uncomfortable.

We've just given him 5ml of Gripe water to see what happens... not sure if you can give Infacol too or if it's one or the other...

I wanted to try the colief drops but was a bit worried cos it sounds like you have to make up each feed 4 hours before you need it, with warm water, then put in the fridge and reheat.

That's a nightmare to make each feed individually - we're just doing the water in advance and making up as we need it and secondly I don't want to leave feed for 4hours - not when all advice is not to make feed in advance and to discard anything left over after 1/2 hours.

I know lots of you are BF but any advice would be fab


  • Hi

    I find gripe water the best you can give it before during or even after feeds. I'm not sure you should give infacol aswell as it could upset little ones tummy, have you tried some water as I found that helped to. I didn't get the drops for the same reason as u said, it will get better as little one gets older my son is 9 weeks now and he doesn't really suffer anymore.

    It's a frustrating thing wind as if they won't bring it up there isn't alot you can do to help them! Try winding more often and not let lol guzzle the milk to quick! ( easier said than done)

    Good luck!

    Danielle & Charlie

  • Cheers Danielle - it's just nice to know that it's not just me and quinn!

    I'm going to get some Nurse Harveys and try that - I think that goes in the bottle which will be better and my friend has great results with that. LO is stuggling with the normal gripe water - motherhood is some learning curve!!

    Michelle and Quinn
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