someone has been in my apartment!

grrrr just need to rant really.
We are moving out at the end of next month and so our current apartment is up for rent. Well today while hubby and i was at work (ciara was at grandmas) i KNOW that someone has been in my home snooping around. There have been a few viewings on our apartment but the letting agent always has to have our permission to show people around..and we always make sure that we are home for them. Well today i got home and one of my cats (we have 2) was locked in the living room (we always lock them out of the living room so they dont scratch our sofas). but i figured hubby may have just forgotten to check the cats were both in the hall....but then...the door to ur kitchen was open too...we always close this door because the cats have a habbit of stealing straws..bread..anything they can get their cheeky paws on..and to top it off we have a 'cat carry cage' that we always have open for the cats to sleep in, right in front of our main door (we always use the patio doors)..well the cage was pushed right forward so i know the door has been opened!!!

Nothing is missing and whoever has been in obviously has a it must be our letting agent. It has really p*ssed me off that someone has been snooping around my house. It is in our contract that they have to have ourermission to enter the property so they are totally in breach of that. Im fuming that this has happened!!! they are going to get a mega ear-bashing when we phone them in the morning!!! how dare they!!


  • OMG! That is terrible!!!

    I would definately be straight on the phone to them and have a go! Not only is it an invasion of your privacy, it's breaking their contract!
  • EXACTLY! hubby tried calling several times today but no one was 'available' in the relevant department so hes going to keep calling. it totally freaked me out.
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