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The Hoover....

Jax is terrified of my hoover and it desperatly needs done!

It's got really bad the past few weeks that I've had to take him a walk while OH does it! It started off him just moaning when it was on, but he was ok with it. Now he brings the house down and the terror on his face this morning made me cry today!!

I've tried showing him the hoover while it's off but he almost climbs over me to escape it! I've tried turning it on in little bursts to show him it's ok, I've tried stroking it like a pet (hmmm, crazy?!) I really don't want him to be scared of it! He's ok with other noise, like the washing machine or the hair dryer. Any advice?xx


  • aahhh Morgan is so scared of the hoover too however its only recentas she used to sleeo through it .... but now her cry is horrible likes shes really scared.

    i have absolutely no advice .. i know Morgan she isnt always gonna be scared their still little and unaware of wat things are bless them x
  • Ciara never used to mind the hoover at all, she would happily lay and continue playing, or smile while i carried her and hoovered at the same time, but the last two times ive done it she has totall a point that i have caved in and given im afraid i dont have any advice either, maybe sit with lo while someone else hoovers so you can ressure them?
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