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how fast has 6 months gone !

hi ladies, just wondered how your all doing and how all the lovely may babies are doing , i really cant believe how quick these 6 months have gone ! maddison is such a happy little baby and such a delight she still has no teeth and makes no attempt at wanting to crawl shes only just started sitting but still falls where she leans to get something lol so i think she's quite behind compared to other babies, but then maybe i'm expecting a bit much because my 5yr old was very forward with everything she was standing up in her cot at 7 months and walking at 8 and half months ! i've had a break through with the sleeping which is great maddie has always been a good sleeper and went through the night at 7 weeks but then started getting very fussy and only wanted to go to sleep being held so 2 weeks ago i tried some sleep training and it worked ! after a week she now goes straight to sleep whenever i lay her down sometimes has a little grumble but it really has done the trick :\) and shes on 3 meals a day now and loves her food she much preferes her food to her bottles , what are all your babies doing now ??? bet you all cant wait til xmas , my tree is going up on the 1st lol too excited ! xx


  • This last 6 months has flown by hasn't it!

    My ds isn't crawling or sitting up yet - he just turned six months old on Friday. My oldest son was up and crawling at 5 months - but i guess they're all different.

    My eldest is sooo good with the baby - there's an 8 year age gap, which means that i get a lot of help. He had the baby proper belly laughing today - it was so cute I recorded it as the message alert tone for my mobile.

    I'm still having trouble getting my lo to sleep through though - what sleep training method did you use?

  • it has gone so quick lola-mae is 6 and a half months now and isnt sitting up alone yet but is crawling. she started commando crawling at about 5.5 months though. we have 2 teeth now and proper belly laughs which i love she especially loves putting her feet in her mouth (my little weirdo lol). Lola-maes been sleeping through from 8 weeks and this hasnt really changed since then so im quite lucky. My elder 2 girls were both 18 months before they slept through so im quite lucky this time. I cant wait till christmas we are putting the christmas tree up tommorow and cant wait till lola sees the lights. im having to put it up inside my babydan playpen so she cant get it lol.
  • hey poppy girl i started off just putting maddison down and leaving her to cry for 5 mins then i'd pick her up and put her back down , took a few nights of tears and perseverence but it worked i can now lay her down day and night and she'll go off but for the past week shes started waking during the night which is driving me mad coz i dont want to leave her crying at 3 in the morning incase she wakes up my little girl or my neighbours , i dont know why she's started doing it and not sure how to stop it ! the joys ay lol.
    hi sxychick04 what a clever girl lola-mae is ! bless her , did she start waking during the night at all when her gums are playing her up and how much milk does she take at bed time , maddi is not that interested in her bottles and its got worse now she has solids i started her on solids early coz she was off her milk i struggle to get 4 oz down her x
  • Hey Girls !
    I cant believe where the time has gone !! its floowwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn!!

    Morgans been sitting on her own since a week before she was 5 months and shes crawling backwards lol i dont think it will be long before shes going forwards. shes always been very strong.

    she absolutely loves her door bouncer and think this is how shes got very strong kinda wish id invested in a jumperoo a month or so ago maybe for the next one hehe !!

    shes on 3 meals a day im still breastfeeding before bed and morning feed. but 3 in the day but in the process of cutting this down on to bottles its going ok shes not the biggest fan of a bottle but this week i think ive mastered feeding her the bottle its aslong as shes sitting facing me ! lol

    she shocked me the other day she was sitting in her cot while i was hanging up her clothes and she was holding on to the side and she stood up !!! i was like ooooooooooooooo !!!

    We are in our second term of waterbabies (if anyone else is going) enjoying but when the term finishes in feb we are gonna try Tumbletots instead.

    CANNOT wait for christmas !!!! going to hopfully talk hubby in to putting tree up on the weekend. and going to take Morgan to winter wonderland she will love all the lights hehe. we are buying her a walker (the one with wheels) for christmas.

    shes has no teeth or any sign of teething... she normally sleeps from 8pm til 7am but however 2 weeks ago she caughed a sickness bug and since then she wakes at 4.30 or 5 uurrrrrrr nevermind hehe !!

    hope everyones ok !! xxx
  • hi pregono2 lola-mae has 8 oz before bed she has been more whingey since shes been teething but is still sleeping through except last night when she woke up at 10pm for another 4oz i think that might of been teeth and she wanted comforting
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