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Hia girls had some really bad news today my hubby has been put on part time hours. It has just topped what has been a horror of a year for us. The only good thing has been Jamie and my but even his arrival was horrific. I'm a SAHM so this is really terrible news. Spoke to someone at my old job and he's gunna have a word to see if they'll take me back on and hubby take over looking after the kids but this is the really gutting part I've been with my Bethy for 2 years now and Jamie is only 5mths old so leaving them is going to tear me apart. I know most of you are in the same position but I really had my heart set on staying with them till they started nursery, it wasn't worth it financially for us both to work as we would have been no better off but obviously we can't survive on a part time wage. Sorry for rambling but my heart is torn, part of me hopes they won't take me back but the sensible part tells me we need them to:cry::cry:xx


  • oh no!! I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. I really hope you find a solution.

    Lots of hugs

  • Oh no that's so sad, but could it just be a temporary switch maybe until your hubby finds a second job or another full time one?

    I hope you get things sorted. xx
  • oh no, sorry to hear that. Could you and hubby both work part-time so you could share the child-care maybe? Sorry if that's a useless suggestion. xx
  • oh hun hope your okay. why are things never simple these days??? im adjusting to life as a working mum but its hard work...but then our weekends are more special....will openly admit that im counting the days until half term!
  • Oh I hope everything will be ok soon! I cant even imagine what we would do if hubby wasnt working. Fingers crossed you will get some work and its temp until your oh gets a new job xxx
  • Thanks girls, after 2 days of sobbing and breaking my heart we've both come to the decision I'm not going to take my old job back.It was 8 till 5 with 3/4 of an hour travel time so wouldn't get home till nearly 6 so by time tea was over and done with it would be bedtime for the kids. Plus my hubby has admitted that he really doesn't want to a house husband so we've decided to try your suggestion Manicmiz and see if I can get a part time job and share the childcare. Got a couple of contacts I could try so fingers crossed.
    Thank you all so much for the support you're all treasuresxxxx
  • Got fingers crossed for you x :\)
  • Hope you find something good x glad you don't have to work full time . I am dreading only seeing Joseph for an hour before bed 4 days a week when I go back to work image x
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