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how do you entertain your baby?

I may be being a bit stupid here, but I find that when Joseph is awake for long periods of time, I run out of things to do! Obviously feeding and changing take some time, but now I am ff, the feeding is a lot quicker than it used to be! The rest of his awake time, he plays on his playmat, sits on my lap and I sing/talk to him, or he likes looking at his black and white cot book whilst lying on his changing mat (he loves it down there, don't know why!!!) Also we go out for walks in his pram. What else can I do with him to keep him entertained? Sometimes he cries and I think it's from boredom - he doesn't want to be held and talked to anymore - because when I put him on his playmat or something, he stops. Does everyone else's babies like being held all the time? I know it sounds silly but I worry that Joseph doesn't like me sometimes, because he gets agitated so easily. M x


  • Hey M !
    I do exactly the same as you .. apart from my little girl loves being held and loves being thinking of getting a sling cause i will able to do things with two hands !!! ... im breast feeding so i think this is why shes a cuddly baby... im also thinking she was 9lb 3oz born so very tightly snug in my belly.... i find in the nights i have to nurse her to sleep before putting her down in her cot ... i gotta make sure i dont wake her when i put her down as she will just cry...

    i dont think there is much else to do until their older ? i have no idea though...hehe !!

  • Thanks for the reply, good to know you do the same things as me. The only time Joseph really wants to be held is when he's tired - maybe he's just going to be a very independent, active little boy! I'm sad though 'cos I love cuddling him! Sometimes I don't put him down to sleep for a while just so I can enjoy holding him x
  • I don't think your stupid! I think it quite normal.

    Dex quite often will get really restless if held to much and wants some floor/tummy time. Like wise other days - like this week he's been quite grumpy and wants to be held more than be put down.

    Dex goes on his playmate, hates his bouncy chair so we got a rocking swing cjair from mamas and papas which he enjoys.

    Loves going out in the pram - we try to go once a day,

    Hope that helps x
  • Thanks LilMrsAverage, maybe getting restless is a boy thing! Joseph also hates his bouncy chair - not sure if he'll grow to like it when he's a bit bigger or not so glad we only got a cheap one! lol We try and go out in the pram once a day too so he gets some fresh air. M x
  • Hey!

    I think it's a boy thing to because Jaxson doesn't like to be held much and loves being on his changing mat to! I also worry that he doesn't like me - I was in hospital without him for a three days when he was 5 days old - but I have to reason that he can't have developed an opinion of me yet!

    Goodness knows how you're supposed to entertain newborns!!
  • Glad it's not just me, McG, sometimes when I'm tired it's hard not to take it personally when he's kicking and thrashing about. He got stuck during my labour and I was contracting onto him and causing him distress and I worry that somehow that will affect how he feels about me (that sounds so ridiculous reading it back but I still think it) and also I feel bad about having to give up bf and worry that he will hold that against me! Who knew that being a mum made you feel so guilty all the time? Sorry to hear you had to go into hospital without him - that must have been really hard. Are you ok now? M x
  • Yeah, I'm getting there. Still having my wound 'packed' every day - nightmare,

    I feel guity too, I couldn't give birth to him, I only managed to feed for three days - it was just too sore holding him- I then couldn't care for him for the first few days and then we were seperated and I didn't 'feel' him being delivered and now my damn body won't recover without anti-biotics and a nurse visiting evrey day. I didn't even have a 'birth plan' and I still fell cheated/disappointed.

    It's all very surreal for me at the moment,but my HV promises it'll get better.

    It's very hard to adjust to being a new Mum, but all your feelings are normal and you carried your baby safely for 9 months so he'll remember that more than he'll remember you not 'feeding' him, and anyway formula is fine- so much research goes into these things nowadays. I'm much happier FF than BF, so is Jax.

    Chin up.xx
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