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New daddies staying overnight in hospital with you?

Hi girls, gatecrashing from due in sep 09, im been worrying about being alone in hosp overnight after baby and i found this article on a new rule that it is now encouraged for new fathers to stay with new mums and this true? Or is it only in afew hospitals? Any info would be greatly appreciated and make me feel so great if it is true! Thanks for reading xxx

link to the article


  • Hi vicki,

    I have had 2 babies (my youngest is 9 weeks!) and both times my oh has had to go home, i was induced with my 2nd baby and even then my oh had to go home until i went into labour! I was so scared on my own!

    So i think the rules may apply to all hospitals but i maybe wrong!

    Danielle xxx
  • my oh had to leave too..normal visiting hours applied to dads he had to go at 8.00.
  • My oh was aloud to be with me from 9 am till 9 pm, but officially had to go when visitors came. (only two people aloud per bed, so when my parents came over he had to go) When I went to get induced he was aloud to come with me, luckily I went on the drip straight away (was already 2-3 cm dialated and waters went week before) so he could stay, otherwise they would have sent him home as well.

    When we had to go back because Michael had jaundice they made my husband leave at 2 in the morning. (we went to hospital at 22:00 to the peadiatrion, but where transferred to ward at 01:00, so they let my husband stay another hour and than kicked him out.

    I hated the first night alone. I felt like I could not handle it, was struggling, midwife where busy and when Michael finally slept, other babies where crying, so barely could get any sleep. I know I would have dealt with it a lot better if I was home or if I had my oh there to help out.
  • hi at my hospital (nottingham city) they have a patient hotel which is a few rooms on the top floor of the maternity dept. the rooms are just like the side rooms with your own bathroom and its free for mums but if you ask you can have a double room and your partner can stay for ??17 ish per night with my 1st i stayed in the hotel with abbie on my own with my second yazmin i stayed in there with my partner tbh it didnt make it any more special with abbie i enjoyed the bonding with her on my own. with lola-mae i came home after about 2 hours.
    i think its personal preferance
    claire x
  • At my hospital, partners were allowed to visit from about 9 am until 9 pm (forget the exact times) except for between two hours in the afternoon, which was 'rest time'. Before I gave birth, I would have said that I really wanted my oh there overnight, but I had an emergency c-section at 1.48am so didn't go back to delivery suite until 4 am and hubby was so tired that it made sense for him to go home and sleep. I was in a private room on delivery suite (not transferred to ward until much later) as they were worried about my blood pressure still and I had to have it monitored every half an hour. So I had my own private midwife all night anyway and wasn't alone! Was also fine next night on post-op ward, but third night on general post-natal ward was hell - couldn't get out of bed easily to get Joseph when he cried as still v. immobile after section and found it v. difficult on my own. Would have loved hubby to stay that night. Hope they do start giving people the option. M x
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