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whats wrong with him !!!!

Hiya ladies

Am so upset at the min and just need to get this off my cheast as i dont know what eles to do.Am starting to get the feeling that my partner for 8 years dosent want anything to do with our new baby girl she is more the 2 weeks old now and he has done nothing with her not 1 feed or changed her nothing ,with our 1st he was so much better a real hands on dad .I did know that he didnt want any more children after our 1st girl was born so when we found our that i was pregnant with this 1 he wasnt reli that happy i on the other hand was over the moon as i always wanted a brother or sister for our 4 year old.When i was preggers we had a hugh row and he turned to me and said he didnt want a baby with me anyway after that had past he did say sorry to me and that he didnt mean it but i keep thinking back to that commett and asking myself did he reli mean it as he has no bond with her .Another thing that is driving me mad is his mum which i do not get on with we dont talk as she had affair with my best friends dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.she picks my 4 year old up every thursday from school and then my partner her dad picks her up on the way home from work as she dosnt come to my house, she has seen the baby 1 time since shes been born and thats only on the off chance that we seen her on a walk and she just looked at her in her pram ,i cant understand why every1 is leaveing her out i just need a break and some help as i reli do feel like a single mum at the mo and just sooooooo tied sorry for the moaning .
zoe and amber xx


  • Hey
    Really sorry to hear about your situation, must be horrible especially at a time when you need lots of support. I know this will sound really obvious but have you tried talking to him about it? It may be something really simple like he thinks you don't need or want any help. Either way you guys should talk about it sooner rather than later as it might fester and be more difficult to sort out in the long run. I think after what was said you have every right to be paranoid that he's not bonding with your new lo so let him know about that. Hope this has helped a bit. Mxx
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