Our first trip to the swimming!!

Today OH and I took Jax swimming for the first time!!

I've been dying to take him for, what feels like, a lifetime - but because of the long recovery from the section I was advised not to!! Anyway, we'd planned to go in the morning but OH couldn't find any swim shorts for himself and by the time he did find a pair, Jax was due lunch. Urgh! So once his lunch had settled we headed off.

Luckily the baths had family changing, goodness knows how I'd managed by myself - although the baby changing table had straps on it (look like a torture device tbh)

I got in first and OH passed Jax into me, poor soul looked confused! He didn't cry or anything - the pool was quite cold- he kept trying to lie back, like he does in the bath and I'm sure he was trying to figure out why we were both in the water with him!! All the women in the pool were all cooing over him, one woman asked how old 'she' was -he had a blue wet suit on with an octopus on the front! Some people eh?!

He did have a giggle when OH reappeared from under the water with a 'boo' and did seem to enjoy splashing. I think he got a good mouthfull of water at one point, but was sick in the car home so not too worried. I really enjoyed it!!( except from them playing 'She-wolf' twice) We were only in the water for 20 minutes, so the ??8 fee for us all to get in seemed excessive!! (OH had a swim after though)

I asked at the desk about baby swimming lessons, she told me they were ??60 for a 14 week block image
AND that people start queueing at 6 am to get their name down on the list at 8 am! image Eh, no thanks, I think I'm just going to take him myself! I hoped it would tire him out but he still managed to fight sleep all day again!!
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