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O/T toys for youn LO


Just wondering if you can help me. I am looking at buying a toy for a 10 month old and wondering what kind of toys your LO are into at the moment and that will last??

Any help would be appreciative thanks



  • My lo is into anything and everything at the moment as he's crawling so everything is new and interesting to him.

    I'd say go for something that they can't break bits off and eat. It also can depend on what gender they are. My son loves cars and garages, where as i don't think that would interest a girl so much.

    Maybe a toy phone would be good, Oliver's constantly grabbing our mobiles or phone, so he's got a toy one to play with, it has to flash though because he knew that a plain one wasn't real.
  • my LO loves anything musical or cause and effect toys.She has a piano from the early learning centre that fixes onto her cot and she LOVES it.
  • i think im going to try and get ciara some instruments for her birthday..she has a tamborine at grandmas and she loves it..and she loves bashing everything so im looking for a little instrument set. she loves books,mega blocks-very big hit!!
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