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birthmarks with pic

Hi ladies!

Do any of your LOs have birthmarks? mine has a little purple toe! it is only on the pad part and you can't see it from the top. At first i thought it was a little blister or sore bit but now she is 5 weeks i'm sure its a birthmark. I think it is really cute. She also has a little pink splodge on the back of her head about the size of a 20p which i love cause her dad has exactly the same except his has grown with him, you can only see it when he shaves his hair really short.


  • Izzy has one on her forehead which is an Angel Kiss birthmark. I love it and can't imagine her without it although its supposed to disappear by 18months. She has a Strawberry nevis at the back of her head which is quite small now but is supposed to get bigger. Im not so fond of that one but its not in a hugely prominent place:

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  • Sophie has a "strawberry" mark on her right inner thigh, just above her knee. They've said it will fade by the time she's 6.
  • Riley dosnt have any image he keeps scratching his face though, not quite the same thing
  • Ryan has one on his ring finger, when we first noticed it worried he'd somehow hurt himself love it now tho x
  • G/C ladies! I was born with a birthmark on the top of my thight that looked just like a strawberry. Was really dark but as I got older faded and now, as my darling sister tells me, looks like a patch of cellulite!x
  • ive got one on the side of my bum that looks like a lovebite, not good for going swimming!!x
  • phoebe has a pressure mark on the back of her neck where her hair just about finishes, the doctor at her 6week check called it a stork mark which i thought was dead cute awwwwhhh!x
  • Poppy has a strawberry naeva on her cheek
    although we know it will fade- I have arranged
    to see a dermo.. just for a second option.
    Although it doesn't really bother me.. The worse thing
    is having to explain it to everyone when they
    see it- its definatly got bigger and raised-it was flat,
    smaller and pink at birth.

    Pumpkin - i know what u mean.. i dont like it.. but wish it
    was anywhere but her face.. but at least shes healthy.. i shouldnt
    complain.. if thats her only fault ive been very very lucky xx

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  • erin doesnt have one but my ds has a strawberry birth mark on the top of his arm, he is 6 and its still there just faded slightly, its cute though
  • katelyn has a huge one on her leg =( the only pic i have of it clear

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  • My daughter has a strawberry nevis she is 4.5 months old and her dr referred her to a cosmetic surgeon. I really don't want her to have surgery ! It's a little above her nostril. It hasn't grown much. How are everyone's LO birthmark going ? Have they grown ? Faded ? Sillysausage where you able to see the dermatologist ? What did they say ? Did they make any recommendations for treating it ? What have you all decided to do ? Wait it out ?
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