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At what point do you say that your baby has achieved

a milestone?

Hubby and I were having this discussion this morning and we seem to disagree! Sophie has rolled back to front three times and front to back quite a lot more. However, she does not do it every time she's put down on her back or front. Hubby said he thinks that means we can't say she is rolling. OK, so she has rolled, but she doesn't do it every day. Also, she can sit unaided for about a minute before she falls over to the side, but again we couldn't agree whether we could class her as having met that milestone (I think he's just being a perfectionist!).

When do you tick off the milestones?


  • i say she has achieved it when she has repeated an action on a different day. So, for example, when she started sitting, the first time she did it I was thrilled. When she did it for the second time the following day, i told people she has sat. I would say anything over a minute is achieving it (a minute is actually quite a long time) else where do you draw the line? Well done Sophie! x
  • That's a good guideline PP, I'm going to tell hubby that! From talking to people I have visions of their babies rolling all over the place whenever they're put down and sitting up for ages and then get worried that Sophie's behind, tell hubby and he makes me feel even worse!
  • i wouldnt worry! isobel certainly doesnt roll everytime i put her down. She's happy on her back but when she fancies it, she rolls over onto her tummy. She didnt roll once for a 3 week period, my HV said it doesnt matter in the slightest. She only sits when i make her and then she squawks indignantly at me after a bit. Im in no rush for her to hit anymore milestones for awhile. I want to keep her as a baby for as long as i can hehe. There is a little girl at my under ones who was walking at 9 months!!! xx
  • Mrs Bear I wouldn't worry Freddie is not rolling (he has gone front to back twice) and doesn't sit!

    But he does have teeth - not really a milestone ha ha!!

    I want to keep him little so am in rush for him to do anything - they are so varied! But would probably agree with PP x x
  • When he's done something once! Jensen's only rolled back to front once but never front to back, he's doing things in the wrong order lol!
  • I've got a friend who's son was walking at 9 months. I must say I'm in no hurry for that, or crawling / bottom shuffling, I like it that she generally stays where I've put her!
  • I would count milestones personally when lo does something consistently - so when she can sit unaided regularly and unaided then I'd say she's hit that milestone, as opposed to a minute or few seconds. That's just my way of looking at it, in reality you could take your view that it's the first time they manage something no matter how long or whether they do it again - doesn't really matter lol.

    I'm like Pumpkin and want my baby to be a baby for a while yet so am not hurrying her - she hates tummy time and hasn't rolled - the thing she does seem to be good at is sitting up (with support) - she loves to sit bolt upright on my knee looking at people/tele (well anything really!).

    Can't imagine her shuffling about - life will get interesting then!! lol. So far she shuffles her bum left and right to move when she's lying down but she doesn't get very far and sighs with exaustion from the effort lol.

  • It depends. If j does it once I wonder if it's a fluke!! But then like today where he has rolled on to his front and then back to his back for the first time today but then did it again and again I would say he's met that milestone but some would disagree as he doesn't always get his arms right and ends up not being able to push himself up on his tummy. Gets cross and rolls back!
    I can happily wait for him to crawl or walk!!
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