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Sweep failed, June babe for me :(

Christ on a bike! Midwife said babys head literally cannot get any lower but my cervix is up around my tonsills!

So, no sweep for me.

Booked in for induction 2nd June - a whole week away.




  • Oh no! I was so hopeful for you today hun!! Will she not try another sweep part way through the week just to see?? Big hugs xx
  • I know how your feeling hun. . . i couldnt have a sweep on monday 23rd (my due date) cuz they couldnt even feel babies head image Im not seeing my midwife again until weds 1st to try another sweep and if that fails im booked in to be induced NEXT SATURDAY 4th! Just all seems so far away image

    x x x
  • No more sweeps offered. I honestly thought the fact that I was a week overdue it would work.

    I can't be logical about it at all & people keep saying 'oh well at least it's only another week' I just want to scream ANOTHER FRIGGIN WEEK!!!!

    Also they keep saying 'he might come before' NO HE WON'T!

    I could throw myself on the floor & tantrum like a toddler.
  • Oh no, I really feel ur pain, I had sweep yesterday n babies head is low n I'm 2cm however it didn't work as I'm still freaking cooking this baby! I'm booked for next Friday 4 induction, 8 whole bloody days! Argh. Come on you babies!
  • Oh no! Suprised she couldn't do a sweep if baby is engaged! Hope you pop before your induction date. I'm still here despite bloody show, 3 sweeps and being 3cm!!!! This baby just doesn't want out! x
  • Right here with you girls, baby is so low and my cervix is very short but nothing has happened since the 5 hrs of contractions last week and I'm only 1cm. I am booked for my C section on the 2nd, very uncomfotable now though! Sending labor dust (I just invented that!) to all of us!!!! :lol:
  • oh hunny how frustrating!! Do people not realise that when you are overdue every hour is like a week!!!!! fingers crossed he is here sooner than you think xxxxx
  • Oh hunni I was so hoping it'd work for you, these last 5 weeks have been so hard on you.

    If you're induced will your hubby be able to come be with you?
  • Hubby should be able to come home although he may miss valuable training but his work are being very good about it all.

    Although I din't wish it on anyway it does help to know i'm not the only one suffering.

    Bliss - I hasn't seen any posts from you for a bit so assumed you were on your way, sorry to hear your still waiting too.

  • g/c from august but have you tried acupuncture? Both my sil's did and got their stubborn bubbas out like grease lightning! someone was telling me about cleary sage being good too xx
  • Just been for my third sweep - first sweep cervix was closed and nothing happening, 2nd sweep cervix slightly softer and could touch babies head, 3rd sweep cervix is easy to put in a finger and long and stretchy. Dont think anything is working sweep wise with me, you never know third time lucky - I am very sore and uncomfotable after having this last one a few hours ago.

    Booked in for induction also on the 2nd of June, every day does seem like a week though!! x
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