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god two kids are so struggling. my 28month old isnt to hard 5 week old-is.

she wants to be held all of time,on/off moans-its not really like a cry. all the time. stays awke for hours and sleeps very little. im trying to loose weight and stress is making me comfort eat.not a happy bunny


  • Oh hun, we are the same! It's exhausting. It would be easier if they were happy to nap on their own.

    Do you have family to help out. I find myself comfort eating too. Sleep deprivation doesn't help. Craving chocolate all the time! xx
  • my mum did, initially but she is not mobile at the!
  • oh darling, i have a 'lonely' baby too, she wont let me leave her if she's awake which is a killer!you're not alone, try to go for a walk with little one in the pram and when shes asleep, go home and leave her in the pram for a bit? xx
  • she doesnt stay awake in the pram when i get in, as i have to do this anyway when i take my son out/nursery ect
  • Awwww hun image do you have an OH to comfort in the evening shift? Mine does to give me a break as she can be gribbley too she's not a cryer and shes staying awake for aaages! I have toys and a baby gym that can occupy her till she gets frustrated as she's so young and then i walk her round the house. Tiring isn't it?! I'm holding onto when she can hold her head up and play a bit more by herself and then it'll be easier, it's such a hard age atm isn't it? I'm exhausted most days x

    Do you have a night-time routine? That's one thing we do have and it's really helped she can sleep for around 4 hours at a time x
  • she does go 4 hrs over night. my hubbie is fantastic. despiote working we take the night feeds in turns, alternate nights-without this is would struggle and he does insist! she sounds like my daughter, not really very upset , just agro!
  • Hun I really feel for you... Griff is very similar. He is very wakeful and most of the time he's awake he's crying. Even though he is my second it makes me feel like a failure in that I can't make my baby happy... He just wants to be held and comforted most of the time. I have a 2 and half year old too and find myself being a bit short with him sometimes mainly because I'm so tired... I'm getting a second hand baby carrier so I can keep Griff with me more in between feeds so I can get some stuff done!! I'm also seriously thinking about taking him for cranial osteopathy to see if that would help him be more settled. No real advice to offer, just big **hugs** xx
  • You gave birth 5 weeks ago you should chill as much as poss glad your hubbie is helping :lol: . I think that our babes just need lot's of stimulation and attention, will be easier when they can communicate better and be able to move and play better, unfortunatly it's a waiting game until then. Every day I try to get her to hold her head up better and am looking into plenty of groups for babies to help tire her out, and soon I can use my carrier, can't until she can support her head image wish I'd bought this one:
  • Aww darling it is so hard isnt it? Daniel is 2.5 and a right handful; I was exhausted looking after just him without Harry around!!

    So glad you have your hubby around to help out on an evening. I'm jealous! lol.

    Harry tried to be a 'I want to be held' baby but I just didnt have the time to do it with having Daniel and 3 hourly feeds. He unfortunately just has to sit and moan/cry if I'm busy elsewhere. I think that has helped him though as he is starting to sit in his bouncer and bat at his toys etc and he knows if he does cry I wont pick him straight up. When the both of them are screaming though its a nightmare!! It will get easier hon xxxx
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