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First smiles!

image All the sleep deprivation and endless crying is forgotten!

So gorgeous! image I've fallen even more in love.

ps - think we should have a smiley pics thread! xx


  • sophie is nearly 10 weeks and im only just starting to get smiles out of her! grumpy moo!! was worth the wait tho, she has little dimples! image
  • Aurelia can smile but we don't get many and i can never get one on camera! but its lovely when i get a smile just for me.

  • I kind of get a smile from Holland but usually when she's asleep and dreaming as she's a grumpy moo too! She is adorable though image

    Here's a picy for you all so you can judge for yourselves:

  • Ahhhh BoB - she's just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zxx
  • Ah thanks Z! Not long for you now - how are you feeling about it?
  • Scared, excited...... Just want her here safe and sound now. Just hoping she turns up before I need a sweep or be induced to be honest.... Is being a mummy everything and more you thought it would be??

  • Ahhhh BoB how beautiful! I see a baby smile there image here's my Ramona's "smiles", she's so young it should be wind but she smiles so much and when she see's me, I think it may be genuine image

    After her 1st bath:

    In a most gorgeous dress <3:

  • Ah she is well cute Sabbath Cat! Doesn't it make it all worth while!

    Actually Z it's more than I thought it would be, she is soooooo wonderful, of course I have my moments when she is screaming at 3am!!! :lol: I'm sending you loads of luck and will look out for your BA - you will have moments though after where your hormones will get the better of you and the tears will come and you will question all that you are doing, just don't beat yourself up, after talking to the girls on here I have figured that that is all very normal and will take a few weeks to settle down. We're all here for a chat anyway as you know! So excited for you hun - we deserve this magical time!
  • Aaah what gorgeous babes! They both look very smiley and contented! Gorgeous dress Sabbath Cat!

    We've just started getting big smiles but haven't caught one on camera yet. Will try this week. Poor old daddy hasn't got many yet tho! They turn into proper little characters so quickly! x
  • Awww thanks it really does make you feel so happy Ramona is getting really smily now it's brilliant! She follows my voice and me round the room, can't believe how quick she's growing! I do have to remind myself she was 2 weeks overdue, she pretty much came out fully formedimage
  • Aahh love the gorgeous pics girls! I'm glad it's not just Owen who doesn't smile loads!! He smiles just as much when looking at a blank wall as he does at me!! He is smiling socially more and more though (8 weeks now). I was starting to worry he was developmentally delayed along with everything else but think I was just spoiled with Theo who was very smiley from about 3 weeks!

    Anyway here is my little Owen grinning for me today. God I love him!

  • Beautiful pics! All your babies have gorgeous smiles. Especially lovely to see the pic of Owen, Moomin, after everything you've been going through. Your little boy looks very happy.

    I'd post a pic of my little man except I've never worked out how to post photos! Oops! :lol:
  • Ah that is a great photo of your gorgeous little boy moomin! So happy! xx
  • Ah what a sweetie Owen is! That looks like a great smile to me - I'm still waiting for a real one although today funnily enough Holland smiled when I showed her her bottle before giving it to her - not sure if it's a coincidence though - I will try again later!
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