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Breast feeding Jaundice


My son Henry is 31 days old and still has a touch of jaundice. I think it may be breast fed jaundice - any body else experienced this?? He has been referred to a jaundice clinic at our hospital next weds. Slightly concerned and fed up of people commenting about his skin colour!


  • Owens still jaundiced at nearly 8 weeks and I've been told it's breastfeeding jaundice. He's had all the blood tests twice so doesn't seem to be any reason. However he has got an enlarged liver but he has heart problems and they're linking those together more than with the jaundice. I think his colours been improving since last weekend so hopefully it's on it's way out?
  • dont worry, i had this with dd1 and dd2, it soon flushes out of their systems. i tell people sophie is "tanned" lol
  • Thanks you two - feel a bit more reasured! Have to take a sample of Henry's urine with us on Weds - any ideas how to collect it?? Thinking about sitting him in a freezer bag until he wees!
  • haha, thats what they do at the hospital, they sorta taped a bag over her bits to catch the wee.. good luck with that bit!! :lol:
  • Yeah ask the hospital for a bag, we had one for Owen that stuck on around his tackle and then put the nappy on. Hey presto when we next changed his nappy we had a little bag of wee. Transferring the wee into a pot is another hurdle on it's own! Using a syringe helped! Good luck with the tests xxx
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