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Hi all,

Argh, I'm still bleeding very heavily. I'm 4 weeks post natal... I have been to docs twice about it n they have said that if it hasn't settled down by 6 week check that they will send me for another scan to see what's going on. They also told me that I'm a couple of week behind normal recovery because of all the issues we had. It's just bloody awful. 2 nights ago I woke at 1.30am soaked in blood, I also lost a big clot. Today I have soaked 4 pads! I'm always worried when out n about incase I leak. Yuk! Is anyone else still bleeding ? When i was (the second time) I had scan n there was a small bit of retained product. It.was too small to do anything about but I'm just worried they missed something...

Emma x


  • I stopped bleeding at 2 weeks with both my labours so can't really offer some comfort by having a similar experience! Just wanted to say try not to worry and it's good to hear your docs are going to look at this again with you at 6 weeks. Fingers crossed you will have stopped by then anyway xx
  • I am still bleeding and I delivered via c section 4w+1d ago - saying that it is definitely lighter now than it was. I was told at the hospital if I soak through more than a pad in an hour to call and if I have clots larger than a golf ball to call too - TBH at 4 weeks I don't think you should be bleeding that much still I think you need to get a second opinion.
  • I'm with BoB, I'd get yourself another opinion! Clots and soaking pads? I was always told that was a reason to call x
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for your replies. I was at the doctors a week past friday about it. The doc said that they expect me to be 3-4 weeks behind in recovery terms as I had alot of complications. I was re-admitted with group a abd b strep and the infection had a good hold. It took a heap of antibiotics to start to bring my temp down. Anyway... I had a big bleed over night wednesday last week where I was soaked through and we had to change the bed covers and duvet as I had bled onto them! I went to the docs on thurs and the doc told me again that I need to wait a little longer. I do trust them. Since I first posted this the bleeding has started to get less so fingers crossed. If it starts to get heavier again Ill go back.

  • Oh thank goodness it's easing up, sounds poo image I bled loads at the beginning, not fun and was nearly kept overnight because of it but thankfully it's meant I've pretty much stopped now, hope yours continues to get better! x
  • I bled til 6-7 weeks last time. Went to docs about it and they checked for infection but all was fine. I also had a difficult delivery so maybe it was that. Just keep an eye on it but i'm sure it won't be much longer. x
  • hope your bleeding settles down for you soon, its not nice is it

    I went for my 6 week check yestaday and told the doctor I was bleeding heavily, (it stopped after 5 weeks but started again at 6 weeeks) I am soaking through loads of pads it really scared me, he gave me some tablets to slow it down, I only took 2 and today the bleeding stopped?? im confused

    doctor said to me why are you so worried?? :roll: im sure i had a right to worry didnt i??

    anyway hope your ok x
  • I would say yes you had every right to worry - I hate doctors that say things like that. I changed my obstetrician after he asked me why I was worried about my baby when I went in and couldn't feel her moving, as he damn well knew I had had 3 mc's!!! They try to make you feel foolish and it's not fair. You should have called him out on it and said 'well your the doctor not me, I don't know what is normal', I did with mine, I said 'well wouldn't you be worried if you'd lost 3 pregnancies already' and I then went and found another doctor!
  • Babypusher, I would say u def have the right to be worried. When I was back in hospital I had a scan to see if there was any retained products. They found a tiny bit on the scan. That's why my docs have been keeping an eye on me because ill keep bleeding until it all passes. The thing is the more we bleed the more the iron level could drop.

    I think u should question why u r still bleeding heavily and try get blood count done to check ur not getting anemic. I'm not convinced medication is the answer but then I'm not a doctor... could u mention it to ur hv n see what they say?

    Its bloody horrible ain't it. I'm always worried I'm going to leak onto ny trousers....

    Hope it all settles for u.

    Emma x
  • Hi there just a quick reply, please go & ask them to check for infection. I started bleeding very heavily & passing clots 2 weeks post natally & was found to have a uterine infection even though I had absolutely no other symptoms. I needed a couple of nights in hospital with IV antibiotics. xxxx
  • G/C from DIS but with DD I tore 3rd degree during birth and lost a lot of blood (though at the time being my 1st I thought it was the norm & didn't think to query it). I bled for 8wks before slowing to a stop, had GP & MW constantly checking my stitches to make sure they were intact and no infections were getting through, and again didn't twig there was cause for concern. It's only being pregnant again now that MW and GP have been discussing my previous labour and birth that I'm reallising how worried everyone else had been at that time whilst I just accepted it. In short, any doubts get checked out.
  • Beaniesmum, I don't think.its possible for me to have infection, I've had 6 days of iv antibiotics n 10 days oral as I had group a n b strep n a uterus infection. However babypusher, u def should get that checked out!
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