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How are all the Maybies?

How is everyone getting on? Hope you and your Maybies are well.

Peter was 9 weeks yesterday and he's enormous! He was 12lb 12oz when he was last weighed at 7+5 so he's growing well! He started out on the 25th centile and has now jumped to the 75th. I measured his length yesterday and it looks as though he's now on the 91st centile for that! My hubby is starting to get suspicious as he's only 5' 7" tall! I reckon he's going to take after my dad though who's 6' 4".

After quite a few initial problems, BF is now going well. It seems as though he might be starting to differentiate between night and day as well - he only had night feed last night which was amazing! He's still refusing to take a bottle but we're perservering. Would be nice to go to the cinema or something at some point......


  • Sounds like Peters doing fab and obviously taken fantastically to BFing!

    Jacob is 6 weeks and weighed in at 11lb 12oz today! He was 9lb 15oz at birth and moved onto the 75th centile now. Gaining well for a BF bubba tho! He is very long too!!

    We had a lovely treat of 5.5 hours sleep last night! He usually goes 4 hours. Hopefully not just a fluke!

    Haven't tried the bottle yet but will do this week. I want to have it as an option so I can leave him sometimes! Think I will have to introduce it as a regular thing so he gets used to it!

    Still trying to get him to nap on his own more. He won't settle in his basket in the day so am going to start putting him down in his cot during the day. We had success today, he went for a 2 hour nap in his cot - hurray! Then DS1 refused his nap - grrrr! x
  • I got Holland to sleep in the pram, of all places, I cannot get her to sleep in her bassinet, instead of our bed last night for about 3 hrs, then she woke and I changed and fed her and dh feel alseep with her in the bed again - dooh! I will have to make sure she goes back in tonight, like you, I hope it wasn't just a fluke! She's still only a wee 7lb 9oz but she's also only just over 5 weeks - I had to get some more newborn clothes for her the other day as I only had 2 outfits and some baby grows that fitted her - I was convinced she would only be in NB clothes for 5 mins!
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