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Just a lil update

Hi ladies, just thought I'd do a little update after Harry's scans/xrays/doctors apps etc!!

He's 9 weeks today and weighs over a stone already! He's also in 6-9 month clothes and some of them don't look like they will fit for that long!! Huge monster baby!!

He's totally on formula now as I couldn't express enough to keep up with his feeding (6oz every couple of hours! Rediculous!)

He had his xray for his broken shoulder and have to ring for the results tomorrow - though may not be in until monday. He had his hip scan and all looks clear, but have to wait for the official report through the gp. He had his jabs on tuesday so is a bit grumpy and just wants to be held all the time but having to resist as not fair on Daniel.

He feeds at 8, dream feed at 11.30 and sleeps until 5 or 6, but will doze with the aid of a dummy until 7.30ish before he gets his bottle. If I do feed him at 5 he only takes 2 oz and wont go back to sleep so no point really as it then means he takes less for his breakfast bottle as well.

So thats us! Got my 6 week hospital check up for where I was cut/tore in a couple of weeks - when Harry will be just over 11 weeks! Only a *little* bit late, lol!!

How are all the other maybies doing?! Sorry I havent been on much, I can access fb on my phone but struggle with this site, and never seem to have time or energy for the computer! Surprised Daniel is letting me at the minute actually... he's been distracted by cheese & crackers image



  • Wow in 6 -9 month clothes!!!! He is a huge baby! Holland is 5 wks today and I just had to buy her some more newborn clothes as 0-3 mths swamp her still, she is only 7lb 9oz and was a wee 6lb 3oz when we bought her home. Glad all seems to be well with him. I think I asked you in another thread but what do you mean by dream feed? It is just a larger than normal amount or is it some special formula??
  • Wow what a big boy, even bigger than my chunky monkey!

    Sounds like he's doing fab on his sleep tho for 9 weeks! Well done for getting a routine sorted without hubby around to help.

    How is Daniel with his lil bro? I have to keep a permanent eye on Isaac as he's so boisturous even with his cuddles! latest thing is he keeps trying to pick jacob up! :roll:

    Hope the xray result come back ok. Keep in touch when you can. xxx
  • Dream feed is where you don't wake them up for their feed; you literally have everything ready, bottle warm etc. You put a muslin under their chin instead of a bib as less likely to wake them up (or thats what I do anyway), pick them up and bottle straight in the mouth. They suck by reflex, you burp them and straight back down into the cot. If I see Harry's eyes open I'm very surprised. He has hungry formula for that one, to make him last longer through the night.

    Bliss, I have to watch Daniel like a hawk; loves Harry to bits but is very heavy and very boistrous so have to be v careful. Espec when he's been eating peanut butter on toast and tries to kiss Harry - insists its on the lips! Can't leave them alone for a second, very exhausting. Daniel tries to pick him up as well xxx
  • And sorry, didnt mean to bore you all with my rambling update.
  • Hhhhmmm interesting on the dream feed I don't think Holland would take it without waking, I will give it a go though! Thanks
  • As expected she woke up for it - she does lover her food! I will try again though image
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