Maternity clothes

I may only be 6+1 but this morning I have put on a pair of maternity trousers and a maternity bra. Aaah! Bliss!! So much more comfy!!

Last time at this stage I just bought a couple of things in a bigger size but thought that made no sense when my maternity stuff is just up in the attic!


  • Hi Kate,

    long live the maternity pants hehe image cant wait to put my first pair on again hehe

  • I'm in maternity bras as I can't fit in my normal ones now! I am also alternating my stretchy clothes - leggings and elastic waist skirts because nothing else fits! Going to have to buy some maternity clothes myself soon because I'm too lazy to keep having to wash and iron practically every day!
  • How exciting!!! I've not got any sign of a bum yet, not sure if that's a good thing or not but I won't add it to my list of things to worry about, lol!!

    I have been looking at maternity clothes online tho. I'm thinking I'll just get one pair of maternity over the bump jeans and lots of leggings! Also had a sort through my wardrobe to find big jumpers and loose fitting tops.

    I guess we're lucky we're going to be preggers over winter as we can wear baggy jumpers and leggings xx
  • I recently bought lots of little comfy dresses from They have a sale on and its fab!!

    I prefer wearing dresses with tights or leggings as i still find maternity trousers and jeans a bit unconfortable.

    Have a look girls. I'm sure theres loads left! x
  • I'm paranoid I've got a big belly already, but the timing of a weeks holiday eating loads hasn't helped!!

    In early pregnancy, rather than buying loads trs, try buying waist expander thing. It comes in a pack of blue, black and white material with elastic button/clips on, so you can wear you current trs with the fly open, but the elastic and material keeps the trs up and covers the fly area - only about ??15! Well worth it, I found this out too late last time, having spent loads on maternity work trs!!

    P.S.Next sale is on, there are a few maternity bits on there looking at!

    Mrs RF
  • Thanks ladies going up have a look at ASOS and Next online now!

    Mrs RF any idea where I can buy a waist expander from? Xx
  • I'm so pleased to have found this thread, I thought I was just imagining needing new trousers already! I have this one pair and when I wore them to work yesterday after a few weeks' gap, it wasn't that they didn't fit but that sitting down in them seemed to put pressure on my bladder and just felt really uncomfy in that area! I guess it's the way they are cut? Anyway I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking of getting maternity stuff, I actually dreamt of elasticated panels yesterday when I was sitting at my desk LOL!!
  • Hiya,

    This is the pack I bought - can't remember though if I bought the extra extenders??
  • Thank you Mrs RF xx
  • We went to our nearest retail park Saturday afternoon with the intention of getting a couple of pairs of maternity leggings from Next, only to find they don't stock any maternity clothes there so decided to try New Look which is two doors down and they had quite a few bits so got two pairs of over the bump leggings for ??14 - bargain!
  • G/C from Due in March to say I bought a bump cover from ASOS for ??6. You wear it over your undone zips and also helps with tops that are getting a bit short as it just looks like you have a vest underneath. xx
  • I bought a pair of maternity trousers 2 days ago after returning from hols to find none of my work trousers fit me anymore! I got them from Matalan for ??14 & they r sooooo comfy, well chuffed!!! image
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