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Had our scan......


Well she said 9 times out of 10 she was right! So, that gives us 90% chance it is a boy! image

The only thing I have a query about is not having another scan. They said that I do  not need to go back for anymore that normal?


  • So pleased everything went ok, I would love mine to be another 2 boys, I'd rather have my boy than my 3 neices any day, god love them x x image

  • Thanks Lorraine x x


  • How exciting image boy!!! I can't wait to find out, I imagine they haven't asked you back for another scan because everything is looking good!!
  • Congratulations eek exciting have you been blue shopping image


  • Ooh congratulations! image yeah it's normal not to have any more planned scans. If they have any queries about growth over the next few months you'll probably get booked in for a growth scan but they generally don't do them routinely.

    We have our scan tmw, it's been moved forward a day due to a sonographer being off ill and them having to rearrange the scan lists. Very excited! x
  • Thanks Mrs B - I am such a newbie I have no idea about anything! Have you had your scan?

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