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19 weeks and i dont look pregnant

I am getting a bit worried about my lack of a visable bump.  I thought by 19 weeks i would look pregnant but i dont at all.  Is this the same for anyone else?  My husband says he can see a bump but i think he is just being kind.  I am feeling the occasional flutter so i think baby is moving around but i am really concerned that there is a problem with the size.  Please someone, put my mind at rest.  Thanks.


  • We had a group on facebook which started here.  We have posted pics from quite early on and some people had huge bumps at 19 weeks and some people had almost nothing. Bumps can be quite small if you are tall in the body (plenty space for baby without sticking out), if you have strong abs (more difficult for baby to distort).  My bump is loads more discreet this time (although the MW measured and said it is normal size) I think its cos my placenta is forward this time.

    Hubby also keeps pointing out my boobs are bigger so I can't see my belly as well as he canimage

    Might be worth having a look to  see if anyone has started a facebook group for your due month - people tend to post pics and things on those more cos they're private.

    Hopefully your 20 week scan will put your mind at rest,

    Pix x 

  • Hi Pixie thanks for your reply.  i am due May 26th so this is my month.  My 20 week scan is 9th January so hopefully i will find out all is well - its not too long to wait i suppose.  Thats good to know that other people dont have a huge bump at 19 weeks - first time round i didnt think i looked pregnant until about 30 weeks but i thought being my 2nd pregnancy i would have a bump much sooner.

  • I think it depends on your size to start with! Sorry if that sounds weird. But I was overweight before we got pregnant and I would say it is only now that I am looking pregnant and have a definite bump.

    Some of my friend's have also said about where your bump sits can make you look bigger or smaller!

    I hope that helps?

  • I'm 20 weeks and over the past week my belly has suddenly popped out of nowhere!!! My sister didn't begin to show until she was 6 months pregnant!!! I'd rather not be so big so early as I'm terrified about what size I might end up at haha!!
  • My bump has popped out too! And my boobs seem to be still growing!

    Sid89 - How is your bump doing?

    Krilag - any bump yet?

  • I think over the past week i have started to show a bit but still not as big as i thought i would be.  Everyone says how lucky i am to have a small bump but i really really wanted a big obvious bump so everyone knows i'm deff pregnant.  Baby is kicking quite a bit so at least thats good.  My boobs are also still quite sore which  i dont remember from first time round, sure they felt fine by about 12 weeks.

  • How are you doing now! Has your bump popped out now?

    My boobs are massive now - hubby loves it - I am annoyed at having to buy a new bra every so often! he he

  • Now 5 and half months pregnant and people still dont realise.  A bloke at work asked me on Thursday if i had any summer holiday plans yet and i said well i'm having a baby at the end of may so no we wont be going on holiday this year.  he had no idea.  I know i have a bump as my old clothes dont fit but its still not at all obvious even when i wear tight fitting clothes.  I was a size 8/10 before and now wearing size 12 trousers for comfort so maybe people think i've just gone a bit overboard at Xmas with the pudding!!!  Hopefully it'll pop out soon.

  • Its all to do with size before pregnancy, where your bump sits, water, placenta etc...With my little girl i was showing by 8weeks, but was more water than anything, with my son i didn't show until i was gone aslong as baby is kicking you'll be fine x Hope everything is going good x i'd love to have a small bump, would save me waddling with a baboon with a beach ball up its top x

  • My bump has stuck right out! Very round too! Makes me smile though!

    13 weeks to go for us!

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