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whooping cough jab

Hi has anyone had the whooping cough jab and how did you feel afterwards? I had mine on Tuesday an have felt rotten ever since, I was at the hospital for a growth scan today an they think I've got flu but the babies are growing great so that's good x


  • I am going to book myself in for one soon...but with what you have said, I might get mine on a friday so I am not having to miss work again!

    Good to hear the babies are still doing well image

  • I had mine on Friday then almost collapsed on Saturday morning! I felt awful all of a sudden. Hot, sick, really thirsty and then nearly blacked out.  After lying on the sofa with a flannel for a while I was absolutely fine. I'm glad I had it as it's for a good cause but I just wasn't expecting to come over feeling so ill so quickly. I would definitely recommend getting it done on a Friday image

  • SpecialK are you feeling better?

    I never got round to booking my jab and now our little man is already here! Whoops!

    Lorraine - did you feel better eventually after yours?

    love to all

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