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Quick update

Well on Friday we were told our boys would probably be allowed to come home today (Monday) so I made a mental list of what I needed to get sorted for them last night ready for the big homecoming, but then yesterday morning whilst trying to get a good lie in before said homecoming my hubby woke me to say the hosp had been on the phone and we could bring them home a day early! So immediate panic set in and we then spent the morning running around like idiots trying to do everything I thought I had a whole day to do, but not to worry it's all good as my beautiful boys are home with us safe and sound, goodvluck to all the ladies still waiting for the stork to arrive x x


  • Congratulations! I bet your so pleased they are here and home xx

  • I are they doing? Are they getting visits from the ne natal unit? We are still getting visits and he is being weighed each week...he is up to 5lbs now which is great. So proud of our little man.


  • Hi we've got our second visit from the health visitors tomorrow,  think they're just coming this week then we'll go to baby clinic after that, they were weighed last wk and Harlan was 6lb 12 and Baxter was 5lb 13 so both gaining weight fast but it's no wonder when they feed every 2-3 hrs! Not to worry they're happy an healthy,  so pleased to hear your little mans coming along nicely and tell your friends it's hard work but worth every second x x

  • How are you getting on with the HV? So, pleased that your boys are doing well.

    I am not sure I said what fabulous names you had given them - love them x

    I have only seen ours once, I suspect because we are still seeing the nurses from the neo-natal unit. Although, I might demand my Bounty pack as I neve got one from the hospital! He has had his first set of jabs too - which was better than I thought it was going to be. The nurses at my GP surgery loved him too - which I found very flattering!



  • Hi, our hv's lovely,  she's really down to earth an easy to talk to which always helps, we've got our 6wk check next Tuesday byt I think we all should be fine that's if I haven't collapsed from sleep deprivation by then ha-ha, the hubby goes back to work nxt Monday so I'm dreading that, it's a good job the grandparents are retired! Who knows it might even be easier with hubby out the way ha-ha.

    Just read your little fellas been discharged by neo-nat I bet that's a big relief for you,  it's so lovely to hear how well he's doing, keep up the good work little fella x x

  • How is it going with hubby back at work? Are you doing ok?

    Yeah, our little man is doing really proud. Took him to be weighed yesterday and he is 7lbs image was still the smallest baby being weighed...he got lots of comments of how cute and small he was!

  • Hi we're doing ok, school runs a bit of a nightmare as he only goes 3 hrs but apart from that everything's fine, boys are now 7wks an weigh 8lb 5 and 7lb 8 so nice steady weight gain, they've got their first jabs next Monday so I'm not loking forward 2 that but if they're anything like Ronnie they'll be fine.

    Hope everything's good with you guys x x

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