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he slept through !

for the first (and probably only) time in his life, our little man slept through. He went down at 7pm, had a bit of wind at 8 so i tapped his back and then he didn't stir again until 5.30......

Sarah+Tyler(20 weeks)


  • Wow, great news!!!!!!!!

    We're still waiting, so jealous xxx

    Inka xxx
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Sarah, well done Tyler!!! Did you get any sleep hun? I know it's hard sometimes, because you end up waiting for them to cry so hardly get any rest. Big hug, I really hope he does it again tonight.

    Em x x x
  • Yay for Tyler. Good boy

  • yey!!! Well done!!!! Wish Jen would!! I remember all your posts with horific stories of taking sleep shifts with your OH! How far hes come!! good boy!
  • i was awake from 4 waiting for him to cry and this morning I still had to think if i did get up for him. just see what happens tonight, his naps have been all over the place today as we were stuck in traffic for 3 hours earlier

  • this is just brilliant news - i remember when toby moved his 2am fed to 4am i really struggled to not be awake for hours- buit the more confident little man becomes in sleeping you will become the same.

    I get panicy every night still just in case he doesnt sleep - but i go to bed thinking tonight toby is going to wake up loads tonight and he doesnt - infact for the last 2 weeks he has slept through (he is old than tyler though)

    Well done - i hope this is repeated tonight but even if it isnt this is a fab ste in the right direction - well odne x x
  • Hey Sarah, how're you and Tyler doing today? x x x
  • well i said it was probably a one off, he woke at 12 for food but somehow a size 3 teat got on the bottle so leaked everywhere and he had wind for the rest of the night, then he went back to bed at 7.30am until 10 !!!

  • But it's still great news that he has done it! image Put last night down to the wrong teat and see how he goes tonight. Things are obviously moving in the right direction though. Give yourself a big pat on the back hon!
  • Sim's right, he's done it once, so you know he can do it again. I hope tonight he manages a bit better sweetie. I second the back-patting, you deserve it!image x x x
  • So jealous. WEll done you x
  • I'm so so pleased he's done it!!!!

    Clever Tyler

  • yey lillykit - well as we know mason and tyler seem to very similar and can you believe he slept through last monday - SHOCK...... put him down about 7.45 and he didnt wake until 5.30 i put dummy in till 6 and got up and then still didnt have bottle till 6.40am!!!!

    prob is he has not done it since and if anything been worse!!!! waking at 11ish staying awake for hour at least chatting, etc doesnt seem to want milk - does get upset but walk in room and he is laying there chatting etc.... then waking a couple hours later and hour after that me giving in and feeding aboyt 4am as been up for ages and tired then he stirs a boit after that and toddler wakes at 6 whoich then wakes mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whats going on he is 5 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • thats great news, I know it was only one time but you may notice now that he may start to sleep longer and then the all night will become more frequent!! I hope he does it again for you soon xxxxx
  • Hi star

    are you sure ours aren't seperated at birth, Tyler hasn't done it since and last night he was horrendous waking up loads but I suppose at least i know he can do it, and am sure will do it again when he's ready. Weird thing is the nights that my hubs works nights he's a nightmare when hubs is here he doesn't seem too bad.

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