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TTC Number 2 and Finances ...

Hello everyone!

Well ... after a drunken conversation with my husband at the weekend we have basically decided to try for baby number 2. We are basically just going to not not try and see what happens but are in agreement we would love a second baby close in age with Conallso its all very exciting!!!

I know it would be very hard work but I think it will be worth it in the long run becsuase hopefully they would be really close and I always wanted that (being an only child myself).

Anyway the one thing thats stressing me a bit about the whole thing is whether we can afford it. We seem to be doing ok with Conall money wise. Obviously lots of people have been very generous and helped us out so we havent had to buy too many expensive things but I just wonder if we would be that much worse of financially with 2.

My thoughts are this:

1. We are already have 1 of everything and so my thinking is that will save us some money straight off. Obviously we would need a double buggy, another cot etc but lots of things we can just keep for number 2.
2. The job I am in at the moment I dont see as "my career". I know this will sound terrible as though I am just trying to squeeze money out of them but I think I might be best to have another bubba in my current job where I get my leave etc and then try to get a job in what I am trained in and want to do (trained as a teacher but no jobs in my subject at the moment).

I'm not sure why I am writing this but it helps just to write it down if that makes sense! I'm not looking to justify having another because I think we have pretty much decided that we are going to TTC. I'm so so so excited!!! I would just like to know your thoughts as there may be things I've not considered which would be good to think about.

I know we already have one 2nd time mummy to be in the forum and wonder if anyone else is TTC yet?

Thanks again girls I think I would go mad without being able to ramble on BE!

Joanna and Conall (5 months) xxx


  • hello

    i have small age gap between my first 2 its fab ds1 was 15mths when ds2 was born i didnt need a new cot as he went into a bed with a bed guard as he was waking himself up n night rlling into the sides of the you say you already have everything so only big expense is buggy and all the other things like bed for conall bigger car seat etc you would have had to get anyway if you know what i mean?

    i really dont think its that more expensive having 2 i certainly wouldnt have gone for 4 if i did lol

    anyway good luck TTC x x x

    amanda x
  • thanks so much amanda you have really put my mind at rest. I didnt even think of putting ds into a bed with rail thats a great idea. we have moses still anyway so that would be fine at first.

    I love hearing from mums with a close age gap i think its so lovely.

    Can't wait for another BFP!!!! woohoo!

    Now ... who else is going to join me? ha ha! xxx
  • Im in the 2ww. Gives me butterflies just thinking about it. Im resigning from my job tomorrow as we have moved away now anyway so I wont be going back. We thought it was perfect timing to go ahead for no. 2 seeing as though I will no longer be employed anyway and Im 35 now so dont want to leave it any longer. Besides that we would like them to be real close in age. I do worry about the finances as it has been a massive expense moving countries and setting up again and pretty much all of our savings have been spent. So we are learning to live off one salary now. I look at it in that you spend what you have. So with 2 kids we will still manage. Other people survive on a lot less. Im just closely watching the finances now (like a hawk!!) whereas before I never even knew what a pint of milk cost, nor would I even pay attention to how much money I would hand over for anything. Now I go through all the supermarket cataloges chasing the specials!! Sad I know! But moneyspinning is the key ;\)

    Good luck and here's hoping we can get a bfp together!
  • Ohhhh sim that must be a lovely feeling resigning! I wish I could!!!

    Im glad to hear you are all settled in Oz now!

    I agree about the money aspect u just seem to live with what u have is soooo true. I can remember when I was pregnant thinking theres no way we will survive on SMP but we have and we will again!

    I'm going back to work PT hopefully in August and Im hoping I'll be 3 days a week. I'm going to speak to them about it mid May as I need to give 8 weeks notice before going back and will need to request PT hours which should be ok.

    I really hate my job so I'm dreading it but needs must! I'm planning to go back into teaching eventually which is my passion so might as well do it after number 2 as the job situation at the moment is dire!

    Sending loads of babydust your way and hope we both get a BFP very soon!

    All I need to worry about now is what people would say when I told them., I told MIL on Sunday that a family friend is expecting again and there will be 16 months between her two when she gives birth. You should have seen the look on her face it was a cross between disgust and sheer disbelief lol! I think she might actually fall of her seat if we make a similar announcement! Ha ha! Would be great just to see her face!

    Keep us all updated honey xxx
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