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wide awake at night?!!!

quick question - last few nights mason has woken around 11ish starting by winge, then cry hubby puts dummy in as still up and does this for ages and then mason starts chatting, smiling, wriggling all playfully in cot and if put dummy in smiles that big dummy just drops out................ this is obviously kinda sweet BUT SOOOOO not at night as he obviously thinks its playtime!!!! hubby tried bottle only took oz or so so not bothered just kept babberling and smiling...i then get up as hubby getting very wound up as will not go off and i try - olast night i got up at 12 and it took ne till 1ish till he went off! he then woke at 4 - i dummied and he did go back off but woke 40 mins later and wouldnt take dummy so got bottle - fed and again was awake but just walked away and left wriggle and he did go off thank god, so got in bed at 5am and toddler was awake for day at 6am!!!

so my question is has anyone elses lo's started doing this? if so did it stop was it a phase?

also for nearly 20 weeks does anyones elses nights look like mine??? im soooo tired and getting very ratty and emotional (am due on and hubby going fishing for 2 nights so dreading the nights - i stupidly agreed when he slept through one night - i am an idiot)

my friend has a one week old and she was up at same times as me - surlely a 5 month old should be better than a newborn??!!!


  • Olivia did this for about 2 weeks but she has started to settle down again, I think it was partly teething pains that was waking her but when she was awake she was smiling and giggling away but now she seems to have started to go back to sleeping fine again.
  • Hi

    Tyler was the same last night and the night before, he was ready to play at 3am this morning and the same the morning before. Whats going on ????
  • thank god he didnt do it last night as hubby away fishing so he better be good again tonight!

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