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Finally my BS - My Beautiful Suprise Halloween Baby

Hi there ladies

Congratulations to all of you that have given birth, and sorry that I have not been on here for a while to chat to you all. I don't know where the time goes and my hands are full with my new baby.. as I'm sure yours are too!!

Well here goes finally my birth story.. part 1..

As some of you may know my original expected due date was 10th December 2010, the expected date from the scan was 23rd November , and the actual date our little gorgeous daughter Phoebe Rose was born was on Halloween on Sunday 31st Octobr 2010 at 3.03am, she was 4 weeks early, weighing in at 5lb, 5oz.

On the Saturday morning I woke at 3am with terrible tummy ache and loose bowels, I thought I had food poisoning and just didn't know what to do with myself, but as I had suffered quite a lot during pregnancy with tummy troubles I was not too phased!! I just paced around, then decided to have a bath and get a hot water bottle to soothe my tummy and back ache.

On Saturday I was hosting a dinner party for some friends and their one year old little boy. I went to the supermarket and got the shopping and set to preparing a 3-course feast of homemade spicy butternut squash soup, chicken parmageana (with tomato sauce, aubergine and mozerella), with roasted root vegetables and for dessert a banoffee pie. Our guests arrived at 3pm and we had a lovely evening, i still felt a little unsettled but as we were entertaining didn't make big deal of it, Our friends left at 7pm and I sat down to watch strictly and X-factor with the kitchen in chaos, as we had used every single pot and pan in the house

I got the birthing ball out as my tummy felt wierd, as soon as I started to rock I heard a loud pop (like a cork popping from a bottle) and then felt a gush.. I got up quickly and said to hubby "oh my god I think my waters have gone".. rushing into the bathroom. I looked down the toilet and there was a bloody show of pinky coloured water, then I went into blind panic, shaking with all the adrenaline and crying I'm not ready!! Time 9pm.

I had not had time to go shopping for hospital things for me, as I'd only been on maternity a week, and only packed for baby.. I had no pj's or nightie, no maternity pads or toiletries, I rushed around grapping trackie bottoms and random big T-shirts and stuffing them into a suitcase. Luckily I had packed a small labour bag with everythig from glucose tablets to essential oils and hair clips and camera, and stuff for baby.

We dashed out of the house at 10pm and headed for the assessment centre at the maternity wing at the local hospital in Lincoln 5 mins away in the car.. we didn't even take the bags out of the car at the hospital as we were planning to go to a brand new hospital an hour away. I really wanted a water birth and thought I'd have time to get sorted and settled.

We went straight into the assessment room and I was hooked up to a monitor to check baby was ok, the waters were absolutley flooding out and my bowels were really loose, I was ok for the first 20 minutes, then the pain just hit me like a truck!! Spasms right in my back (baby was back to back) and I couldn't escape it or get up to go to the loo as I was on the monitor, i started to cry with pain and was offered paracetamol.. I was clearly in distress and the midwife came in and confimrmed that my waters had definatley gone!! Then she checked to see how dilated I was.. to my absolute shock I was 8cm already, which scared me sensless as I thought I had at least 35 hours of labouring and we were planning on going to another hospital (which was not a problem).

They took me off the monitor and whipped me up to the delivery suite.. Oh my god the pain was soo intense, I was crying for pain relief, I couldn't wait for the gas and air.. I got straight on the bed and was padding up and down like an animal, groaning, sucking on the air in deep slow breaths. I felt an overwhelming urge to strip off, and was put into a gown.


  • So we got up to the delivery suite at 11pm, and buy now the contractions were definatley getting stronger and more frequent, the midwife said its called spontaneous labour, as I was 4 weeks early and the contractions came so suddenly for established labour.. I coudn't believe that I must have been labouring all day and didn't even realise and to get to 8cm without any pain control, just paracetamol was a huge achievement.. pat on the back for me!!

    My hubby was absolutley brilliant, I was crying saying I needed my tens machine and the labour bag, I had a lovely chill out CD and essential oils, but they were all in the car.. there was no way my hubby was leaving me, and the midwife said I think your past using the tens machine.

    I was given half a shot of diamorphine to take the edge off, I felt a bit spaced out and tired and kept drifting off to sleep which freaked my partner out as he thought I was losing it..

    The contractions were now coming thick and fast, I was not worried about pooing.. I messed the bed but the nurse was very discreet and cleaned the bed and put a clean mat down under me.

    I felt a really intense feeling like I needed to go to the toilet and wanted to get up and get to the bathroom, I had the biggest contraction and thought I was going to give birth on the loo, I managed to get up off the loo, my legs wobbling uncontrollably, my husband had to clean me up.. oh the shame, but he was amazing saying it was his job and supporting me and telling me how amazing I was doing and counting me through contractions ( I owe him big time).

    I managed to get back on the bed and the midwife gowned up, I knew this was it!! For some reason I thought that my body would push the baby out.. the midwifes said the head is right there ready to come out.. you can meet your baby very soon, push on the next contraction..

    The problem was I knew it was going to hurt and was crying I can;t push any more..I was scared to push and kept pushing a bit then clamping my legs shut so baby was being sucked back in..

    The midwife said Claire you are doing really well, but you need to get this baby out right now, I don't want to intervene, I kept saying I don't want to be cut or tear.. I could hear the intensity and seriousness in her tone.. Unbeknown to me the baby was in distress and the cord around her neck.
  • don't you dare stop there lady!!!!! glad you found some time to do this honey, you write beautifully image

    I haven't forgotten that you called, just keep getting sidetracked, will ring tomorrow pm.

    lots of love, from your dinner party guest image xxxx
  • I am so annoyed, I got right to the end of the reply to the end of the birth and its just gone!! Rarrr!!

    Anyway I don't know where I got the energy from as I was absolutley exhausted, but I just knew I didn't want any intervention.. I was so in the zone I had no idea f what was going on around me, hubby kept saying you can hold my hand sweetheart, but I was all focussed, no screaming or dramas, just a strong feeling of "come on girl, you can do this, its happening right now!!"

    My husband was by my side, but could see all the action, he looked down and said your crowning sweetheart, well done, I'm proud of you!! Come on..

    Before the midwife could say pant don't push, the contraction came and I just pushed like hell with al of my might, with gritted teeth and a loud rarrhhhhaaaaahh!! I felt a strong burning and tightening and the baby's head shout oout like a bullet from a gun!! I was panting fast and the adrenaline rushing, I cried "holy sh**" and then realised that I was past the worst of it.. the midwife said, come on Claire your doing brilliant, one more push honey..

    Again another big push and the body shot out, it felt like how a lamb being born looks like, sliding out. In a second baby was delivered, the cord unravelled and cut and this lovely little warm wet baby placed on my chest.. The baby cried immediatley which was really reassuring, I burst into tears with joy and heightened emotion, my husband had tears in his eyes and hugged me and kissed my forehead.

    I felt so happy and the pain stopped as quick as it had started, I wanted to see my parents so got my husband to call them, with instructions to bring nice pj's and nightie. They assumed that we were at the other hospital, so after an hour and no sign of them called them again.. they were just arriving at the other hospital, luckily they found this quite funny.

    It worked out quite well, as the sheets and myself were covered in blood, sweat and god knows what else.. I had chance to jump in the bath and get freshened up. As soon as I got out of the bathroom, my folks walked up the coridoor.. They greeted me with open arms and praise saying I looked amazing considering i'd just given birth.. I think the fact I had taken the effort to apply come lipgloss helped.

    Mum and dad's faces lit up the room, so proud being first time grandparents, we all were just tranfixed with our beautiful little girl.

    We named our little one Phoebe Rose, she really suited the name.

    We got taken down to the special unit, transitional care as Phoebe was 4 weeks premature and I can't fault the hospital, we had one-to-one care and it was a brilliant experience.. I must say though once you are alone with baby after everyone has gone home, there is no feeling like it, a feeling of pride, joy, emotional overdrive and surealness..

    I have never been so happy, motherhood is amazing!!

    We went home after 4 days and struggled with breastfeeding, but now Phoebe is 6 weeks old today and doing amazing, she's feeding beautifully, she's gone up to 6lb 11oz and we're all much more settled. Pure unconditional love for our little darling Phoebe. XX
  • I'm so pleased for you and it sounds like you all did really well! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I love being a mummy too and can't wait to do it all over again soon(ish!) xxx
  • Holy Sh!t Claire what a story, I was hooked you should be a novelist!!!!!!

    delighted your little puddin is doing so well. I know we dont get medals for giving birth with no pain relief but it is a massive sense of achievment personal to us isnt it , so well done youimage

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