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Mum of 3 Blues ????

Hey i'm guessing baby no4 is here and i hope all is well. Just wondering how you are etc as the forums been down and aven't seen any post anywhere. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jo xxxx


  • hi there thanks for asking after me. Yes baby here. I had a little boy named kyle jayden on dec 13th at 2:53pm weighing 8lb 14oz. I had to be induced in the end but he was born in 3hrs xx
  • Congratulations! December 13th was my nannys birthday so it's a good date!!

    Is that everyone now from due in november?

    How are you Jo? Xx
  • i believe i was the last one waiting to pop when i put a post in din seeing if anyone was still waiting noone replied. Xx
  • Ahhh congratulations hunni glad all went well and hope your other little ones are enjoying their baby brother. You'll have to change to 4 blues now. Cannot believe its christmas tomorrow. Having done most of my shopping and wrapping before Casper was born i was feeling very organised, that was untill my hubby had decided to go mental in the shops yesterday and literally brought home the ammount of gifts id bought over a period of weeks in an afernoon!!!! Thankfully he's a good shopper and has great taste but its me who has to wrap it all grrrrrrrr!!!

    Otherwise we're all well, bit frazzled round the edges but well.

    Congratulations again on tne birth of Kyle Jayden. And merry Christmas everyone.

    Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • yeah i know name changed definately needed. The boys are loving their baby bro although with him being born so close to xmas and the eldest two breaking up for xmas from school it's been a very excitable 1st 2wks in our house image. Can't believe xmas is tomorrow coz like you i got ready before kyle was due so they've been wrapped and hidden away a long time i've almost forgotten what got them image. Hope you all have a fab xmas too and a happy new year xx
  • Hi bump buddy. Glad all ok!! Congratulations!!! Hope u had a nice Christmas

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