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Hi Everyone - I haven't been on here in bloody ages..... HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Hope you are all doing well ! I haven't logged on in weeks,Hope you all still remember me! lol ! My little lovely girl Zoe is nearlly 6 weeks old now, and things are going OK! (fairly long post...)

Here is what I have been up to past 6 weeks, any advise/comments welcome !!

Week 1 - I had severe baby blues, crying, anxious, really bad. MW came at day 6 and told me I had PND and that I was going to get worse and that I was 'mentally unstable'... after seeing me for 10 mins ! She actually wrote in my notes ' unstable mother' !! Off to Dr I went, convinced I was gonna go stir crazy and got some anti depressants ! 6 days after giving birth ! 2 days later, the blues completely lifted, and I was absolutely fine again ! The tables that I was given dont kick in for 3 weeks, so wasn't them that made me better ! I phoned the Drs, spoke to a different DR and asked to come off tablets, he said of course I can, it was all just my hormones settling down !! I made a complaint against the mw as I dont want her telling another woman the same thing just 6 days after giving birth after a 10 min assesment !Rant over about that !

Zoe is being bottle fed, and suffered severe wind problems. We were using the Tommy tippy bottles, and they were rubbish, made her wind so so bad !If I layed her down on her back, the wind would wake her up so she had to sleep on my chest ! So we changed to Dr Browns, and started using Infacol. When she was 4 weeks, we introduced Gripe water, and every thing is much better ! Although, since using the gripe water, her nappies are gross ! The pooh is very soft and smeary and smelly - and LOTS of it! Yuk !

Routine - Well, I think we are getting a routine together ! We take her up to bed at 10 30 and give her last feed. By about 11.30 - 12pm she goes down, and has been sleeping till 5.30 am ! Wakes up for feed, and then down again for 2 hours !

Other stuff - We have been going out lots, to the pub, to coffee shop etc. I have figured out how to get out by myself, putting car seat in car etc, and am getting more confident !

Hubby has been great, so have the inlaws ! The inlaws stayed and helped us for a week when I was feeling low! Ians mum actually stayed up with Zoe one night, 9 hours, and let me and Ian get some sleep ! For me it was the first sleep since birth, and sorted me right out !

Issues - well I have no major issues or concerns at the mo. Me n hubby argue a bit more than we used to, especially in the night when we are both knackered, but sure we'll get over it all and get used to it ! Apart from the awful pooh etc, we seem to be doing OK! I am still nervous about doing things for 1st time ! I am going to a mum and baby group nxt week, so will see some other mums which will be nice !

My baby girl is beautiful, and I am loving being a mum more than anything ! I never thought I could feel love like it !! I love dressing her in lovely outfits and showing her off ! lol !

So... fill me in ladies - whats been happening? How are you all getting on? what have I missed?

Much Love

Stace and Zoe xxx


  • Happy new year to you too!

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with your MW, how awful. Definately agree with complaining!

    We get sophie off to sleep about the same sort of time and she's now sleeping through most night. She's 9 weeks now and has only been doing this for a couple of weeks.

    She's also got a bit windy recently so might try gripe water. We're doing baby massage tomorrow so hoping to get some tips to help the wind.

    Hubby and I are a bit niggly with eachother too, not very often luckily! I think it's to be expected, it's such a life changing time.

    I'm also loving being a mummy and having a little girl is amazing. She's changed and developed so much in the past couple of weeks, it's fascinating. She's smiling and "talking" to us, I love it. I

    also scared by the slightest thing tho, I need to chill out a bit. Saying that, I think she's got a bit of a cold or a bug. She's not herself at the mo. Spoke to hv and she said I can give her Sind calpol, so have done. Will take her to the Docs to get her checked out for peace of mind

    it's all been very quiet on here. Everyones on facebook apparently, but I'm not on it, so I'll be sticking around here for a while. Xx
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