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Breastfeeding dilemma

Sophie's 5 1/2 months now and I'm still exclusively bf. She's had bottles of EBM on and off since she was about 4 weeks. Sometimes she'll take it and other times she won't. She's had 1 bottle of formula when I was poorly a couple of weeks ago, but that's it. I think I'd like to start giving her the odd bottle of formula but it seems now she's got a bit older, she likes the bottles less and won't go to sleep without having a bf first. It's obviously a comfort thing. I have tried a dummy but she wouldn't take it. She went through a stage of sucking her thumb but stopped when she got a cold.

I don't really know what to do to be honest. I need to get her out of this habit but don't know how. I'd like to continue bf but also don't know how to do it once I've started weaning. Xx


  • I had the same problem with Oliver who is now 6 1/2 months. He refused to take a bottle from me, and always went to sleep after a feed, but I have started to wean him onto formula this week and he takes it really well from DH. We are using TTCTN bottles and he has taken 4oz of formula for the 7pm feed for the last 3 nights and DH is staying up to do the 11pm feed too tonight.

    I have a friend who is a MW and she said that babies can smell your milk so will often refuse anything but breast from you so I have stayed downstairs whilst DH gave him the bottle and it seems to be working, fingers crossed.

    I started weaning Oliver onto solids at 5 1/2 months and found it difficult as he was still demand fed, HV said to feed as normal and try him with a little food about a hour after the breastfeed and he is now on 3 meals a day (pureed veg, fruit ect). I would have liked to continue bf'ing but am going back to work and hate expressing hence the switch to formula.

    HTH x
  • imogen only started taking a bottle at 4 months when we weaned. she only took it from dan for the first month but now she takes it from me too now shes realised its ok.

    i will breastfeed in the morning and evening till 8 months at least. I find she likes it before bed as a good way to chill. Once 8 months starts we will phase that boob out too. Actually makes me feel sad image
  • I know, I'll feel really sad stopping bf completely. I've loved it! The evening cluster feedings were tough on the early days, but I've been really lucky as it all went really well.

    Rosemary how did you drop the bfs? Did you gradually add a formula feed and build up? Xx
  • Iz also seems to like the comfort of the boob before bed, she usually has a bottle of ebm then boob, she doesn't go to sleep on it though, she will play for a bit after then go to bed. Is she falling asleep on the boob?
  • Yes socks she is. It's only been recently tho. She's not very well. It could be down to teething and maybe that's why she wants the comfort. She's all out of sorts really. She's not a happy bunny! Xx
  • So you got the tooth, is the sleeping issue sorted now??
  • Yes she's much happier now thank you. I think it was a combination of teething and being ready for weaning. She's much happier having a routine of mealtimes and in turn that's given her a naptime routine every morning and afternoon. I'm going out tonight for the first time since she was born so DH has got to try and get her to bed with a bottle which we've not tried before. Fingers crossed! Xx
  • Brilliant and how was your night out?
  • She was fine! She took the bottle and went to sleep no problem! I'm surplus to requirement now apparently. Next step is both of us going out and leaving sophie with her grandparents. Have you done that yet?
  • We went out and left her with my sister, she was combi fed for the first 3 months because she had top up feeds after dropping 12 1/2 % of her weight in the first 3 days, she was so tiny and dehydrated bless her but because of this she was used to bottles early on so was no trouble. I missed her loads though and we were only out for a few hours. Mum has had her during the day when the car broke so we could go buy another one but I haven't left her over night yet x
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