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stretch mark creams

anyone started applying them yet?

I was thinking last night that the stretch-marks are looking more prominent on my stomach again (I've had them since I was a teenager). I started thinking maybe I should try to get back into the habit of moisturising or something again but it seems early and I'm very bad at remembering normally.

This started me wondering if everyones already moisturising and I'm behind the times.


  • I have been moisturizing at least once a day since day 1......then again I just love putting creams on image By the way I find Bio Oil AWFUL does anyone agree? How horribly greasy and smelling!! I wouldn't recommned for the money...
  • G/C from DIM:

    DO IT DO IT NOW!! Am 38 weeks and it looks like a tiger has attacked me on my belly, don't just use cream use oils, I can at least say I tried but I am prone to them and always had a teeny waist. They came really suddenly around 33 weeks, really suddenly around the bottom, think it's because I walked to work and didn't moisturise EVERY morning.

    Good luck! x
  • G/C from DIS but have been applying palmers stretch mark massage lotion from wk12 both morning and evening and so far no new stretch marks and the old silvery ones are looking better too.
  • right I've got most of a bottle of bio oil somewhere that I used it to fade some scars I had on my arm before our wedding so its been there nearly three years (sorry Kirsty I used to love the smell, it worked miraculously and I have promised to try not to fall into brambles again). Maybe I should charge hubby with the job of making sure I apply it regularly he's the one that nagged me about psoriasis stuff with that once it stopped itching I forgot till it started again. I'm not sure how well this will go but I can try.
  • Haven't started, I slathered it on last time, morning, noon and night-palmers, clarins, bio oil, cocoa butter and I'm absolutely covered in stretch marks!!!!! Don't think I'll waste so much time on it this time!!! xxx
  • I used The Sanctury Mum To Be cream last time and have just bought a tub and started using it this week. It smells fantastic and was recommended by my sister and neither of us got stretch marks in our first pregnancies. I also used the Mum To Be Oil at night last time as well (I didn't mind the slickness on my PJ's - not so good on work clothes!). We may just have good, stretchy skin though!
  • I love the Palmers' stretch mark cream!! I must be the only one here that doesn't like Bio Oil, maybe it's my smell buds that have gone funny but I can't bear it image
  • my bio oil was ok (it was hidden in a cupboard) so I've started putting it on I've got hubby reminding me to, but I still managed to completely forget on saturday.
  • With my first I used bio oil morning and evening from 12 weeks. I have no stretch marks at all. Continued using it after I had my dd for about 3 months.

    Im starting moisturising this evening and using bio oil again. If anyone lives near Costco it might be worth a look as was half the price there when I was pregnant last time. x
  • I've just had an email from boots bio oil, palmers cocoa butter, sanctuary mum to be and many of their other (but not all) stretch mark creams are in their 3 for 2 offer.

    Just in case anyone's planning on stocking up.
  • I have some intensive moisturiser I've been using sporadically. I like the sound of that Sanctuary stuff, so I might get some when I'm in Bristol in a couple of weeks. I already have two stretchmarks on my belly! I've never had them there before, but I have very sensitive skin so I got lots elsewhere as a teenager. They fade fine and have never bothered me, and I'm expecting lots. I've never been a bikini person so I'm not worried to be honest! I scar very easily too but they don't tend to fade as well.
  • I bought some Palmers SMC very early on but still haven't bothered yet even though I've got a small bump so skin much be stretching already, I must get started on it, although I've heard the hereditary thing too and my mum has got them terribly (3 children) so I'm kinda expecting them too image just hope bio oil will work and fade them once they're here
  • squeezedd - that sounds like me, I just don't want them to split and be painful as I've heard they can it's the only reason I'm worried about doing something about them. I have so many already a few more won't notice and at least this time I'll hopefully have a child to show for them.
  • i've been using Bio Oil and Palmers cocoa butter since i found out..

    I get mine from and it's half the price of the large bottles in Boots!! well worth checking out!
  • oo thanks for the tip!

    Yeah clalee I'd obviously rather try and do something to prevent or lessen them so I will start slapping the cream on more - I'm just not holding out too much hope it'll work!
  • Hello,iv started using palmers which is a cream & i also used it with dd1 and luckily i have no stretch marks. Im using it again this time as its only about ??4 a bottle where as bio oil i think is good but as you probably know its more pricey so i'll prob wait till nearer the end then start using it thats what i did with dd1. image x
  • hehe i'm now going over borad.. after finding a couple of tsilver threads i'm now using Palmers cocoa butter AND then Bio oil on top image
  • Stretch Mark Cream - Just wanted to write and say that I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.

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