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Has anyone decided on what buggy/pram they are getting yet?

I really want the Bugaboo Chameleon - loads of my friends recommend it and it has such good reviews etc and as we are having a winter baby I really feel it needs an actual pram to get wrapped up warm in and I love the fact the baby can face both ways.

Hubby is not agreeing at the moment because he thinks it is too expensive and doesn't think it is worth it! Its really annoying cos its our baby - surely he should want the best!?!? I also don't really want a second hand pram (personal opinion) so don't want to look on ebay for it.

So am a bit stuck as to what to do!?

Any advice ladies??



  • Well, I fell for the Stokke Xplory, similar price range as your Cameleon when bought new... hubby would also prefer it if I go for a lower priced from-birth stroller...

    I don't really know what to do for the best, and am scouring ebay as am happy with 2nd hand for this item at least - although there is actually a brand new one up at the moment that someone won in a competition, so you could be lucky and find a brand new cameleon too, never know!

    We're desperate for something compact really (we're stuck in a small terraced house for at least the 1st year of LO's life), and I would really prefer one that faces front and back.

    Such a lot of money though... what to do, what to do...!
  • I am completely lost when it comes to prams...I have been looking at SilverCross and Icandy, but I don't really know what I'm looking at...I won't go and have a look "live" until my 20 weeks scan, so lots of browsing on the internet for the next 3 weeks!

    Ideally, I would like a pram where baby faces me, can be used as a car seat / or a car seat would fit on the frame/ and can turn it into sort of a image does something like this even exist???
  • G/C from DIS but with DD we waited until end of August/start of Sept to go pram shopping as it's change of seasons and you can get some good sale prices on models going out of season. Doing the same this time too (though looking for a duo/tandem and will be much closer to due date). As for ebay you can occasionally find brand new without the retailer added on price tag so don't be afraid to have a look.
  • we're using a second hand travel system (hauk) we got given from a close friend.. very good condition..

    for the first few months.

    As i'm a keen runner we're going to wait and see how we find the travel system before we buy anything else as i really want a Phil n teds runner or even one of the bike xtrail chariots..
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