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Help!Wedding outfit for November!

Evening ladies image as the title says oh and i have been invited to a friends wedding in November (2weeks before im due!)So im going to be ready to pop lol and have just been thinking about what i'll wear,i know its a long way off yet but im going to be pretty big so want something comfy but want to look nice too!Will have to have a browse on the net for ideas but thought id see if any of you ladies have any suggestions or have had a similar thing to attend whilst pregnant for those who already have children.Thanks image x


  • Hi G/C from DIS,

    I will have had 3 weddings while i have been pregnant. the first one was at easter when i was about 17 weeks and the other two are in August when i'll be 37 ish weeks.

    I bought a maxi dress with a cardigan over it. it was a maternity one and i just wore it with wedges when i was msaller. it is in a lovely jersey fabric so is comfortable and stretches!!

    I got my dress from heavenly bump and it is much nicer in real life. The only problem you might have at the moment is that the summer stuff is on stores.

    HTH SB x
  • Thanks hun,i didnt think of a maxi dress actually that would be perfect as they are so comfy and yet look really nice for occasions like weddings..only thing is this ones in November so its going to be too cold to wear one.I automaticaly though oo i'll get a nice dress then remembered its in nov lol so unless i got a dress i could wear with tights i'll have to get trousers :? . Will have a look on that website anyway,thanks xx
  • What size are you hun? I've got a gorgeous maxi dress that I wont need after July as I'll have worn it to two family occasions in one year! I'm a size 12 and it would fit 12-14, let me know if you want me to post a pic! I'll post it to you for free if so!

    If not if anyone else wants it after July 31st, let me know! xxx
  • I was going to suggest a maxi dress too! They look very comfortable when pregnant (not that I would know as I'm only 5"2, so stay away from them!) but then like you said, very cold too.

    I have 2 weddings within a week of each other in August. I'll be 26 and 27 weeks. I have no idea what to wear...August is always unpredictable weather wise! I'm going to wait until closer to the time but I have a feeling I'll end up with pants and a sparkly top of some sort!

    I'd also recommend something that looks nice with flats image 38 weeks pregnant reminds me of killer backache and swollen feet!! Hope you find something! image

    Ellie xx
  • Aww Ellie I'm only 5ft and I rocked my maxi dresses last year hehehe!!!

  • Excuse the ballooness of me, it was hot and I was swollen!!! Just a note, this was my last pregnancy...I'm not that big yet!!! xxx
  • I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and didn't know what to wear. I found Next Maternity realy cheap. I've bought this dress whch was a bargtastic ??24 full price!
  • I've been raiding Ebay and ASOS.. I've got this dress for a wedding in September when i'll be 32 weeks..

    and i've also got this dress just in case..

    btw ASOS has a MASSIVE maternity section and sale on at the moment.. but don't say i didn't warn you, i've spent a fortune image hehe
  • Thanks for all you're replys ladies image littleIynsuk you're maxi dress is lovely and im only 5'2 lol would of prob gone for a maxi dress as there so nice however being in november i think it'l be too cold so will have to have a look for a dress i can wear with tights or failing that some kind of trouser outfit!xx
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