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How is everyone

Hi ladies just wondered how your all getting on in the final weeks?Im so fed up now i really cant wait to have baby,ive enjoyed my pregnancy so far & dont like to moan but i am so uncomfortable!!!I cant sleep properly at night,ive been in agony the last two days with pain just under my right rib and in my back in the same place.Its got unbearable the only way it goes away is if i lie flat on my back which obviously i cant do all day!I rang the docs today and the nurse i spoke to wasnt very helpfull,she just said try taking paracetomol!Im going to buy some tomorrow and see if they help,on the plus side i only have 11 days max left as im going in on the 14th to be induced..had a false alarm on tuesday,thought my waters might have been leaking so rang the hosp and they said to go in so went in and they did internal examination and looks like there not but just said to keep an eye!She said baby is very low down..hope your all well anyway image sorry if i sound like a moany cow :lol: but i am one at the moment!Ive had enough,want my body back now xx


  • you are not a moany cow, I know exactly what you mean! I have days when I'm full of energy, running around like there is no tomorrow, and then days when I find it difficult even to stay awake (mostly I don't and just go back to sleep haha)......I know everyone keeps telling us "you are nearly there" but I am getting very impatient and just want my little girl to be here image
  • Hi girls, feels like time is going backwards and three weeks is an eternity I keep thinking if I am term now and he is a big baby, why doesn't he just come now lol. Feels like all I am doing is whinging lately. Got to the point now where I am sick of sleeping as it is all I seem to be doing apart from tidying. Also looking for a good distraction from daytime t.v. Feel like I am being risky by going too far from home as I don't drive and would have to get the bus and would hate to have my waters break on public transport lol image
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