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Am I being unreasonable?

My friend was due 2 and a half weeks after me and yesterday morning she had her baby, both mother and baby are well, but can't help feeling the green eyed monster was supposed to be me first and I am still stuck here at 39+3 image.

I know that can't be helped but she used the middle name we have for her middle name we have had the name chosen for months and already announced it image

Am I being totally crazy with pregnancy hormones or justified for feeling a little peed off?


  • G/c freem front page. Not a lot u can do abt labour but ur friend could have warned u abt the name esp as you had told her. Maybe u can still use it? X x
  • Ps I would be peeved abt the name so prob not hormones but a reasonable reaction x
  • Thanks ladies I have calmed down a bit now was really annoyed yesterday though still sticking to my guns about the name. Just wish he would hurry up now my 1st DS was 10 days early and was 7lb 6oz so who knows how much this on e will weigh I am thinking over the 8lb mark image
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