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Hello ladies

Hi ladies,hope you all had a lovely christmas!Just thought id come online whilst ive got 5 mins and see how everyone is getting on with there newborns image . Its been hard work for me for the first few weeks with this being my second,but now that im getting used to the idea of having two it is getting easier.Hope youre all well and hope to hear off some of you soon,although i doubt many have had the chance to come online much would be nice to keep in touch! xx


  • Hi

    Just read your post. I had my second little boy on November 19th and he's been really colicky so haven't had a chance to do very much at all.

    Really enjoying being a mum of 2 but finding it hard work as my 3 year old is going through a stage of tantrums. Baby is now 10 weeks old(ish) and we are going to start a bedtime routine tomorrow. Can't really remember much from the first time round so will just have to wing it!

    How are you getting on with having 2?
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