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Hi, I am 39 + 2 weeks pregnant and have a few TMI questions so need some help


I orginally had a section bookerd for today as my baby was breech but luckily it has turned so i am not free to go into natural labour which i am happy about but i am very fed up now too big too sleep, sit or do anything comfy whilst running around after a 3 year old


I as told today by my midwife she would give me a sweep when im 40+3 as she is busy till then (rolls eyes) but in mean time i can try anything to start off labor.

i am 3/5 engaged?? what does this mean? could baby become fully enaged over night and i go into labour asap or is this hopefull thinking? will i still be pregnanct a while??


also she told me i have a bad yeast infection which i have had most pregnancy could this potentially be stopping labour? waters breaking or anything ??


much help would be needed



  • I asked my mw for a sweep last week and she said they cant do it till you go past your due date. I have had two at the hospital one done by my consultant 2 weeks ago and another this morning by a doctor (apparently that makes all the difference).

    It's good news that you don't need the C section, I find the idea of it quite appealing but think how you'll feel afterwards with a three year old (I have one of those as well!) and a new born with the pain and recovery to manage. I live out in the sticks so the no driving for 6 weeks thing would be a real issue for me.

    I have been told a couple of times now by mw and doc that the head is only ever full engaged witht the first, apparently thigs are more stretchy second time around so head will keep bobbing up and down (never knew that before but makes sense I guess) I was not engaged enough earlier for a clear scan, but engaged enough that doc said she could feel babys head when she did the sweep (No idea???)

    has she given you anything fo rhte infection, i've had a couple and just used the caneasten cream, as far as I know it doesn't cause any problems although if you're concerned give her a ring and ask - it's what they're there for!

    Good luck xx

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