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October 2008 babies (MFM)

Come and share your stories, parenting triumphs and hurdles with other mums of babies born in October 2008.

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  • Hi!!

    I think I may be the 1st???? I was just having a nosey I am a comfortable meber of tinkbaby! woo.

    I dont know if any 1 else will post on here. lol But I am a mummy to Olivia who was born in oct 2008 weiginf 8lb 8oz...she is now 16months and already in her tereble 2's!!

    Emma + Olivia

  • hello there

    i now must be the second on this thread, all this change has confused me not that it takes much lol, hope everyone finds it soon

    well i am 31 yrs old now and a mummy to Hannah who will be 16 months on monday as it is a leap yr, cos she was born on the 29th! she weighed 7lb's exactly! and is such a lil treasure although she can have a paddy or two lol

    has currently gone off milk so have tried flavouring it for her

    hope to hear from you all soon

    big hello to you Emma

    Lisa&Hannah xx

  • HI Lisa!!

    I got all confused with this site LOL!

    Not heard from you in a while? Hope all is ok?? We are still on the tink baby one! Well seems to just be me i have the net @ home.

    Olivia loves chocolate flavoured milk....but she only has it every now often! She does not really have milk any more...but has recently started to wake @ 12am asking for juice...but I do her a little bottle of blue top she wont dring normal baby milk any more!

    We hit the terrible 2's about 3months ago and OMG does she paddy lol. She has just switched my sterio on and put a boys 2 men cd on and turned it up and its scared her lol. Little monkey!!

    Keep well.

    Emma + Olivia xximage

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