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Due in October 2008 - Anyone else? (MFM)

Anyone else due in October.

I'm pregnant with my first baby and would love to compare notes with anyone else at the same stage as me. I'm due on the 7th of October.

Sally. X


  • Hi girls,

    Sorry, I'd forgotten that I'd posted this! How are you both?

    I am feeling so much better now - a bit wiped out but the sickness has virtually gone.

    Since posting this I have found out that I'm expecting two babies and have been warned to expect them 2-3 weeks earlier than with a single baby. Therefore, I'm now due in the middle of September.

    I can't wait but am really anxious about them coming too early. I think that is my main worry. I've got my 20 week scan on the 23rd May. I can't wait to see them again, find out that they're OK (hopefully) and find out what 'species' they are.

    I've been holding back from buying things until we know if they are boys or girls but plan to run wild once we know.

    Let me know how you are both doing.

    Sally. X
  • Hi there

    Im due the 9th of October this is my first.
  • Congratulations!!!   How are you feeling Georgie?  I hope everything is going well for you. 

    Do you know what you're having?


  • Thankyou. I bet you were surprised with your news of twins!!! congratulations not long to wait now.

    I did want to find out but my husband didn't so it remains a mystery until DDay!!!!

    Glad you are feeling well,

  • Hi all- i'm expecting my second a lil' boy on 1st October.  Already have a dd who will be two 13th Sept.

     Congrats to you all on your pregnancy's hope they are all going smoothly.  I've had a few bleeds this time round. 

  • im due the first of oct with my first baby. a baby boy! im so excited i prayed for him any name ideas
  • Congratulations to you both.  Hope all is going well for you and you're getting excited.

    My hospital considers 37 weeks to be full-term with twins and will induce me at 38 weeks if they haven't arrived by then.   Not long to go now!  image


  • Aww congrats- We're thinking Jaydon Junior- Aka JJ, the oh wanted to call him Junior but so many family commented that he said he didn't feel he could.  bless. 

    Aww congrats Sally- let us know how you go. x

  • Hi there

     I am due on the 1st October too with my second.  Not a clue what it is but really hope it comes soon as my back is killing me and I am getting loads of Braxton Hicks.  Got a scan on Wednesday as my Placenta was low at 20 weeks.


  • Congratulations Hannah! image

     Sorry to hear that you are suffering with your back.  Hope everything goes well on Wednesday - let us know how you get on.


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