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Whats happening?

OH NO, HELP...... TMI every time i wipe its kinda like brown blood (hope that makes sence) please don't say i'm going to louse this little one aswell. please someone tell me this is normal, i'm here in work crying thinking i can't go through it again. As it is i ended up going to mi-doc on sataurday night as on friday feet swelled up really bad but i thought it was just me, then on sat i said i decided i had better ring as i suffered from a blood clot 3-4 years ago and pregnancy increases the chances of it happing again. So as soon as the knew that asked me to go straight in. The did a urine test and found protein in it as well as having an infection so am on antibodics, please say the haven't harmed my little bean, what's happening.........please stay safe little one


  • Hey!

    I had this when pregnant with my son at 8 weeeks, I went for an early scan and everything was fine. He is now 7 months.

    Can you go home and call your midwife or do you have a drop in at your hostpital where they do early scans, if I remember correctly its called epu clinic.

  • thanks will call doc and see what she says, am really worried not sure about her sending me to the epu unit as i might be to early (?) not sure thanks again for ur advice
  • Yeah it might be but they should be able to make sure nothing nasty is going on. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. xx
  • thanks hun.

    Have just heard from doc and she thinks its an implantion bleed and not to worry but wants me to get some blood took to check. Am trying to think postive!!!

    Thanks again
  • Sorry about the brown blood missy. You might be a bit early for a scan, but they might be able to put your mond at rest anyway. Could you go home andp ut your feet up?

    My GP has arranged a scan for tomorrow because i'm still spotting too. Trying not to think about it though...

  • Hi,

    I had spotting at around 5, 9, 13 and 16 weeks with my DS. It was v similar to how you describe brown (end of period like spotting) and just when I wiped and a bit in my knickers. It lasted for 1-2 days each time. I spoke to my MW about it and she said it was quite common and nothing to worry about (easier said than done!). However, everything was fine and my DS is now a happy little 14 month old.

    Try not to worry and if you can put your feet up and rest when you can. Hope you're ok. Xxxx
  • Hi

    I had bleeding at 5 weeks with this pregnancy - just brown blood, lasted about 24 hours - to be honest I thought it was my period - only realised 2 weeks later I was pregnant!

    I also had very similar bleeding at 9 weeks with my DD and she is now a very healthy 9 month old.

    Fingers crossed all will be OK for you.


  • When are you having bloods taken?

    Really try not to stress its very common and is brown so its classed as old I think.

    Get your OH to look after you and do the cooking ect for a few days!

  • oh bless you! hope all is ok. i had loads of bleeding with my first, brown, red, just when i wiped, gushes and my little girl is absolutely fine! fingers crossed for you!

    are you on clexane injections for your clotting history? i am starting on them tomorrow and had to have them all through my first pregnancy - i always wondered whether they in some way caused the bleeding.

    lots of luck.

  • morning ladies, well it stopped yesterday afternoon so i guess it was implantion bleeding (FC) thank ye ladies for all ur support, it means alot. As for having my bloods took i had them took last thursday, but i only remembered yesterday and will get results today!

    with my 1st pregnany i was on hepburn injections but only from about 14 weeks i think, due to seeing specialist late
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