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I just had my scan!

Morning ladies,

I just had a second scan and it was amazing!!! I had one 2 weeks ago as I had a bleed but all we could see was the yolk sac.

Today's was amazing! We saw our baby, little arms and legs forming and a strong flickery heartbeat! I can't believe how much has changed in 2 weeks it's incredible.

They measured me at 7+5 which is about what I thought and I have my dating scan in 3 weeks. Do you think its a bit early? I'll only be about 11 weeks at the most.

They also found I have a fibroyd which I didn't know about.. anyone else have this? If so does it cause any problems for you? The midwife said its very common and not to worry though.

Anyway, hope everyone is feeling well and happy.

Sara. xx


  • Hi


    I think if it were too early at 11 weeks for a scan they wouldnt do it, it will be fine. only 3 weeks until you get get to see your baby again!

  • Whoops sorry! Trying to load a pic.
  • ah thats sooooo cute xxxx
  • Congratulations! It looks so cute. Can't help with the fibroids i'm afraid though.

  • hey hun, dating scans are done from 10-13+6wks so 11wks will be fine.

    I have fibroids, mine only cause me trouble when im not pregnant ...LOL it also depends on what type of fibroid you have, if its within the wall of your uterus thats fine (which mine is, just means i get really painful periods) if its outside the wall and depending how big it is then that can cause trouble with space in the uterus.

    hope that helps hun xxx
  • Congrats thats great, in all my pregnancies I've had to have early scans due to bleeding (touch wood, non this time so far!) so know how stressful it can be and reassuring seeing the HB is! Glad all is well and wishing you a H&H pregnancy - also at 11 weeks you'll be able to see baby really well, I've had one at 10 weeks (never had a 12 week scan) and you could see the baby really clearly! x
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