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Had my booking appointment today

Hey Ladies

Saw my midwife today, all went well was about an hr long she was V thorough. She wants to see me again the day after my dating scan as she thought the uterus was quite high above pubic bone so she said

"i would like to see you, to see if the reason is

1) your dates are further along than i think! (not possible)

2) could be down to your bicornuate uterus (Highly likely, this happened last time)

3) Multiples imageimageimage i said OMG are you joking :lol:


  • ohhhhh exciting stuff, has scan been book yet? x
  • Yes its booked for 23rd March, how about yours? image
  • Hi hun, I had mine today too image

    Am supposed to be 11 weeks so it's a bit of a late one lol! But I didn't get any tummy touching image

    Glad it all went well image

    I have my scan a week tomorrow xx
  • Hi I also had my first appt today but didn't get examined either. It's all so much more real now although I am only 5+4. So I'm a bit earlier on. How long did it take to get the scan date? :?
  • I havent even called the docs yet, with my son i was on the phone to them as soon as they opened on the morning after i got my bfp. I think i will call them today , i dont think i need to go to the docs but they will get the midewife to call me. I thought the longer i leave it the shorter i will need to wait. I am so excited about doind everything again but i am worried that i might be told of for getting preg again so soon after my last baby. I havent even told my mum!

  • Its looks like i was quite lucky to get prodded, the midwife was really lovely.

    Pink Chick - My scan came through really quickly (oxfordshire) within a week of me notifying doctor.

    VixV - I am sure everyone will be really excited how old is your LO?

  • He is 7 months, was born august the 1st last year! i am so excited about having another i just want everyone to be as happy as me and hubby are.

  • Well i think that they should be as well, its such a precious gift to have a baby, and soooooo exciting image

    where abouts in the country are you?
  • So glad your booking apppointment went well - let's hope it's not multiples - sounds like it's the way the carry though because of your uterus.

    VixV - try not to worry about other people - my DD was born 17th May last year and I was really worried about telling both sets of parents and they have both been absolutely lovely and to be honest if anyone else has a problem with it - it's tough. Like you we are also both really happy and that is all that matters.

    I have my booking in appointment tomorrow - fingers crossed I'll get a nice midwifeimage
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