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Anyone hungry all the time?

Hi ladies

I am pregnant with no2 and for some bizarre reason cannot stop eating!, with dd I just ate the same as before I was pregnant, but this time I'm unstoppable. I am so concerned about weight gain, so I am trying to combat it with lots of walks, but just wondered if anyone else had similar symptoms?


  • I'm not so bad now (11+3) but early on i was exactly the same, always hungry couldnt stop eating!!1 even now i cant let myself get to hungry otherwise feel really ill
  • me too am trying to not eat to much but whay baby wants baby gets ha ha
  • Me!! I'm 10 weeks today with number 3 and I go through phases of stuffing my face with everything, then other times I just feel sick image I've just eaten 5 fajitas for lunch, yes 5! Lol xx
  • I cannot stop.....OMG and the cravings!! i must eat 20 tomatos a day????????? random (everything else is junk though)

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